Name of Office


1. Location/Address of the office

LIM Project, WAPDA, Hyderabad near Detha Railway Station
Tando Jam Road, P.O.BoxNo.1036
Latifabad, Hyderabad.

2. In-charge of the Office

Mr. Abdul Khalique Somroo, Project Director,
Phone: 022-2936176, Fax: 022-3018850

3. Brief history/Background

The Lower Indus Water Management and Reclamation Research Project at Hyderabad, commonly known as LIM, was conceived as a result the Secretary General (Finance & Coordination), Government of Pakistan, convened a meeting on March, 28 1977 at Islamabad, wherein it was decided that Mona type experimental project should be strengthened to carry out basic research on water management and applied research in the fields of soils, water and related irrigated agriculture problems should also be undertaken in other province under their own specific climatic and agro-socio-economic conditions.

4. Scope of Works / Job Description

The scope of work includes i) investigating solutions through research and demonstration for usage of saline groundwater for soil reclamation, ii) to determine optimum crop input-output relationship, iii) to evaluate economic feasibility of tested technology, and iv) to disseminate research findings to the end users for application.

5. Studies/Research/Assignments Completed

LIM Project has published 68 Nos. Research Reports, 106 Nos. Internal Reports, which includes Annual Reports, Status Reports, Annual Research Work Plans, Project Briefs and Research Proposals and 55 Nos. Technical Papers.

Research studies completed during 1999-2010

* Tree plantation for interception of canal seepage and watertable control.
* Testing of Ristech Technology for Management of Brackish Drainage Water for Soil Reclamation and Crop Production.
* Dissemination of LIM Research Findings and Developed Technologies to End Users.
* Enhancing water use efficiency by different cropping patterns and water management practices
* Irrigation and cultural practices for soils being irrigated with marginal quality water
* Evaluation of pancho irrigation system for rice production
* Post Bench Mark Survey of Research Area Tando Adam Unit-II of SSR Project.
* Impact of Disseminated Research Findings on Crop Production (Pre-Post Bench Mark Survey).
* Identification of constraints for crop production: a case study
* Effect of farm drainage on crop production.
* Economics of Sugar mill Waste Used as Soil Reclament
* Biotic and chemical reclamation of saline sodic soils.
* Cost Effectiveness of Sulphurous Acid Generator.
* Land, Water and Environment Database for Sindh
* Role of trees for the reclamation of waterlogged and saline lands (sub-study titled ôSalt-affected soil with shortage of canal water
* Effect of high Calcium/Magnesium ratio waters on soil condition and crop production
* Use of saline effluent in sandy areas.
* To develop and test the feasibility of different techniques for watercourse improvement (Phase-II).
* Skimming well technologies for augmenting canal supplies to increase crop yield and intensities in non perennial areas.
* Performance evaluation of sub-surface drainage system * Effect of pumping on hydraulic parameters of scavenger wells
* Growth of private tubewells in Sindh
* Testing of high efficiency irrigation systems

7. Studies/Research/Assignments in Hand

New PC-II approved by the Government of Pakistan for the year 2009-10 to 2012-13 for Research studies on Drainage, Land Reclamation, Water Management and Use of Drainage Water include studies;

* Engineering economics and hydrology of canal lining;
* Reuse of saline water for agriculture in LBOD and RBOD areas, and
* Studies identified by the Planning Commission from time to time.

Updated As on 15-06-2011