Gomal Zam Dam Multipurpose Project
 WAPDA Dera Ismail Khan

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Gomal Zam Dam site (Khajuri Kach), is located on Gomal River in South Waziristan Agency, west of Tank and D.I.Khan Districts of Khyber Pakhtun Khwa (KPK) Province. The site is accessible from Tank by and all weather road. About a couple of miles downstream of its confluence with Zhob River and Wana Toi, the Gomal River cuts through a narrow gorge, only 24.4m (80 ft.) wide at bottom, and about 183m (600 ft.) wide at top, offering and ideal site for high dam. The site is accessible from Tank by an all-weather road.







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Scope of Work


a. Main Dam
b. Hydropower Generation
c.  Diversion Barrage
d. Irrigation System
e. Flood Protection















Objective / Benefits















(a) Main Objective

The main objectives of the project include: (i) irrigated agriculture development; (ii) hydropower generation; and (iii) flood protection.

i).   Irrigated Agriculture Development

The project will provide 316,232 Acre-Feet of water annually to irrigate about 77,353 ha (191,139 acres) round the year including: Perennial water rights covering 33,387 ha (82,499 acres) Culturable Command Area (CCA) and Flood water rights area comprising of 43,966 ha (108,640 acres) of CCA.

The Project would supply water to all the above lands. Cropping intensity would be 120% for the perennial (C1) and 100% and 60% for flood water right areas (C2 & C3) respectively.

ii).   Hydro Power Generation

The Project will provide cheaper Hydropower as compared to thermal power. A small power plant will be installed at the toe of the dam with installed capacity of 17.4 MW.

iii).   Flood Protection

The scheme will control the flashy floods, which has been causing damages to the fields, roads, bridges, canals, buildings etc. The recurring damages cause loss to the exchequer amounting to million of rupees in the repairs of these works. It is estimated that floods are causing damages amounting to Rs. 160.00 million per annum as highlighted in the Feasibility study report 1995.

(b) Other Objectives

Other objectives include: Employment opportunities in the industry and commerce, resulting from the processing of farm production; improved standard of living, resulting from the increased and more varied food production; security to farmers as a result of reliable water supply; balanced diet by providing opportunity to produce fruits, vegetables and other protein foods; water for domestic use; and road system being built.

4. Date of Commencement Contract No. GZD-01          15 July 2002
Contract No. GZD-02          11 June 2007
5. Date of Completion As per Contract October 2010 and Expected 31 December, 2013.
6. Project Cost As per PC-I (Rs. in Million) Total       Local        FEC
12829     7865       4964























Salient Features























1. LOCATION OF DAM         Khajuri Katch on Gomal River

a) DAM

  • Height                                  436.4 Ft.
  • Length                                 758 Ft.
  • Type                                    Roller Compacted Concrete Curved Gravity Dam


  • Gross Storage                        1.140 MAF
  • Live Storage                          0.892 MAF

C) Irrigation System

  • Length of Main Canal              60.5 Km
  • F.S. Discharge                        848 Cusecs
  • Length of Distributaries           369 Km
  • Cultureable Command Area     191,139 Acres   

d) Power House

  • Installed Capacity                   17.4 MW


  • Length of Barrage                   620 ft.


  • Irrigated Agriculture Development  191,139 Aces
  • Power Generation                    90.9 GWh.
  • Flood Control    


  • Approved PC-1 (2001)                Rs. 12829.000 Million
  • Revised PC-I   (Estimated)          Rs. 224791.814 Million


  • Displacement of Population Nil
  • Flood Mitigation Major Positive Impact
  • Irrigation Major Positive impact
  • Improvement of Standard of Living Major Positive impact
  • Improvement of Socio-Economic Conditions Major Positive impact
  • Adverse Impact Insignificant

6.   PRESENT STATUS                                Works in progress


  • Under EPC/Turnkey Mode of Implementation August 2001 to 31 December 2013 (expected) (Work remained suspended from October 2004 to May 2007).
  • Contract Period (EPC Contract Only) 03 Years and 120 Days.







Present Status / Progress







Overall Physical and Financial Progress ending July, 2013

Physical progress

Progress achieved under previous Contract No. 1 GZD-01     = 13.33%
Progress achieved under Contract No. GZD-02                     = 78.26%
Overall physical Progress ending July, 2013                        = 91.59%
against 97.35%

Financial Progress
Financial Progress achieved under previous
Contract No. GZD-01 (since terminated)  =  7.08% of Contract Price
Financial Progress achieved under
Contract No. GZD-02                             = 93.78 % of Contract Price

Overall Financial Progress Since Commencement
Total expenditure incurred on the Project since commencement upto ending July, 2013 is about Rs. 16,038.283 Million. The overall up-to-date financial progress on the project is 125.02% of the approved PC-I cost (i.e. Rs. 12829 Million).




In charge of the  Project



Name                      Saleem Khan
Designation              Chief Engineer/Project Director
Address                   CRBC/GZD WAPDA Staff Colony, Dera Ismail Khan
Contract No.             Office     0966-740753
                              Res.       0966-740380
                              Fax        0966-740380


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