Location: The proposed project site is multipurpose project and is located at Kurram River about 14 KM upstream of Kurram Garhi Head Works and 32 KM North Bannu City in North Waziristan Agency of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Project Benefits:
  • Environment.
    Due to perennial Water/Irrigation, it will improve Environment of the area.

  • Land Submerges & Irrigated.
    10940 acres in Tribal area and 1716 acres in FR Bannu/Distt: Karak & Bannu.

  • Population affected/improvement.
    11687 Population /improve the standard of life of most backward area through construction of Project.

  • Village/Houses Dismantle/Reconstruction.
    32 No villages and 1777 families will be affected, which will be resettled.

  • Economical Affects Economic benefits from energy.
    Increase in Agriculture production Generation and flood mitigation.

Salient Features:



As per feasibility


Height 295 Ft 322 Ft
Length 931 Ft 1035 Ft
Type Concrete Faced Rock-fill Dam (CFRD)
Gross Storage 0.914 MAF 1.2 MAF
Live Storage 0.61 MAF 0.9 MAF
Power House
As per PC-I Revise
A63.0 MW 83.4 MW
317.0 GWh (350 GWh)
  • Power House 1

36.0 MW 36.5 MW
  • Power House 2

10.5 MW 11.0 MW
  • Power House 3

16.5 MW 17.0 MW
  • Power House 4

10.5 MW 18.5 MW (Kaitu-Kurram Feeder Channel)
  • Power House 5

10.5 MW 0.4 MW (Sheratalla Canal)
Command Area
  • New Area:


  • Shertalla Plan

12,300 Acres

  • Spaira Ragha Plan

4,080 Acres

  • Thal Plan

68,000 Acres


84,380 Acres

Supplementing existing system of Civil Canal and Marwat Canal.

278,000 Acres

Project Cost: Approved Cost by ECNEC: Rs.17.205 Billion.
 Revise Project Cost Rs.59,561 Billion (US$700 Million)
Civil Works=US$543 Million
E&M Works=US$ 157 Million
Project Status: COMMENCEMENT Contract not yet awarded
COMPLETION 48 months
CONTRACTOR Contract not yet awarded
 MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS Consultants yet appointed


S.No. Project  Component Land Acquisition (Revise PC-I) Achievement in Acres Payment release in million


1. North Waziristan
Agency (reservoir area)
175 Acres 175 Acres NIL Private owner
2. Thal Canal 2037 Acres 210 Acres 17.032 Private owner
3. Sheratalla Canal 471 Acres 397 Acres 42.00 Private owner
4. Spara Ragha Canal 174 Acres 147 Acres Private owner
5. Weir on Kaitu River 330 Acres 330 Acres State owner
Year Budget Allocation Expenditure
2005-06 50.00 3.233
2006-07 70.00 24.403
2007-08 47.00 9.951
2008-09 - 18.708
2009-10 - 5.310
2010-11 30.00 8.270
2011-12 100.00 70.119
2012-13 500.00 89.795
2013-14 (Jul-Aug) 3000.00 3.269
  • Feasibility Study, detailed Engineering design and tender documents completed in Juky 2007 with and elevated hieght to enhance the storage capacity.

  • Project Director has been appointment under General Manager (Projects) North for construction of the Project.

  • Total land required for implementation of Kurram Tangi Dam Project is 14,630 acres of which 2,506 acres is state owner and 12,124 acres is private.

  • Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assured total support along with all out security arrangements with the desire to take care of the entire stakeholder during construction of the Project.

  • EOI for pre-qualification of Contractors received on February 28, 2011. Five firms/Joint Ventures submitted the EOI documents.

  • Three firms pre-qualified (M/s. DESCON, M/s. SAMBU - SARCO JV and M/s. FWO - LIMAK JV) for participation in the tendering process.

  • A consultant JV (MMP in association with PES, MML UK, Creative Engineering Consultant & DMC) appointed as Project review & supervisor consultants at a consultancy signed on November 12, 2011 at Governor House, Peshawar.

  • Letter of commencement issued to the Consultants on December 12, 2011. Mobilization advance amounting to Rs: 49 Million paid to the Consultants on January 27, 2012. Consultants have fielded their Design Team and undertaken review of design and tender documents. The Draft Tender documents have been submitted to WAPDA.

  • USAID has shown interest to finance the project.

Incharge of the Project

Project Director
Kurram Tangi Dam Project WAPDA BANNU.
Phone No.0928-633004
Fax No.0928-633004
Email: pdktdpwapda@gmail.com

Updated as on 31.08.2013