The Project is located on Duber Khwar River, right bank tributary of Indus River near Pattan District Kohistan in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa province at a distance of 340 Km from Islamabad.

Scope of Work

Reservoir weir structure, Power intake, Sand trap, Headrace Tunnel, Surge Tank, Pressure Tunnels, Shafts Power House (130 MW) Tailrace & Switchyard.

Objectives / Benefits To provide cheaper power to the National Grid
Date of Commencement Original (as per Contract) June  2003
Date of Completion

Original (as per Contract)



Oct  2008

June 2013

Project Cost 

(Rs. Million)

(As per Rev PC-I)




8068.655 8255.821 16324.476
Salient Features Design Discharge 29 m3/s
Gross Head 535 m
Headrace Tunnel Length 4.873 km
Installed Capacity 130 MW
Energy per annum 595 GWh
Present Status / Progress

- The power house is under commissioning. Unit#1 synchronized with the system on 26.02.2014
- Unit#1&2 completed. 72- hours Reliability Test on 15.03.2014 and 25.03.2014 respectively.
- Unit#1&2 are under one months Reliability Test run since 17.03.2014 and 28.03.2014 respectively.                                - Total generation upto 31.03.2014 is 22.86 MkWh.

Incharge of the Project Name:         Engr. Said Ghaffar
Designation: Project Director
Address:      Duber Khwar Hydropower Project WAPDA Besham
Contact No.  092-996-401091
Updated as on 31.03.2014