The Project is located on Khan Khwar River, right bank tributary of Indus River near Besham District Shangla in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa province at a distance of 243 km from Islamabad.

Scope of Work

Reservoir, Dam structure, Power intake, Headrace Tunnel, Surge Tank, Pressure Shaft/Tunnel Power House (72 MW) Tailrace & Switchyard.

Objectives / Benefits To provide cheaper power to the National Grid
Date of Commencement Original (as per Contract) June  2003
Date of Completion

Original (as per Contract)

Revised / Expected


Oct  2007

15 Apr 2012

Project Cost 

(Rs. Million)

(As per Rev PC-I  approved on 20.08.2009)




4573.688 3727.791 8301.479
Salient Features Design Discharge 29 m3/s
Gross Head 535 m
Headrace Tunnel Length 4.873 km
Installed Capacity 130 MW
Energy per annum 595 GWh
Present Status / Progress

- The power house is in commercial operation since 8th November 2010.
- The Power house has supplied 701.184 MkWh to the national grid upto 28.02.2014.

Incharge of the Project Name: Engr. Khush Muhammad
Designation: Chief Engineer (O&M)
Address: Khan Khawar Hydropower Project WAPDA Besham
Contact No. 092-996-400106
Updated as on 28.02.2014