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Warsak Hydro Electric Power Project is located on River Kabul at about 30 km from Peshawar in North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. The project financed by Canadian Government was completed under COLOMBO PLAN in two phases.

The Project Main Features The project consists of a mass concrete gravity dam with integral spillway, power tunnel, power station, a concrete lined 10 feet diameter irrigation tunnel on right bank and a 3 feet diameter steel pipe irrigation conduit on the left bank of the reservoir. The 250 ft. high and 460 ft. long dam with reservoir of 4 square miles had a live storage capacity of 25,300 acre-feet of water for irrigation of 119,000 acres of land and meeting power generation requirement. A spillway with nine gates is capable to discharge 540,000 cusecs of flood water.

The first phase including construction of Dam, Irrigation tunnel, civil works for Phase-II and installation of four units each of 40 MW capacity with 132 kv transmission system, was completed in 1960 at a total cost of Rs.394.98 million. Two additional generating units each of 41.48 MW capacity were added in 1980-81 at a cost of Rs.106.25 million as second phase of the project.

Warsak Dam has now completely silted up and practically there is no available storage. Power generation is being achieved according to water inflows in River Kabul like a "Run-of-the-River' project. Lean flow period at Warsak is observed from October to March during which capability reduces to about 100 MW (Peak).

Salient features / Principal data of main components of Warsak Dam and Power House.

Warsak Dam
Type Mass Concrete Gravity Dam

250 ft. 76.20 meters

460 ft. 140.21 meters

Max. Conservation Level 1270 ft. SPD 387.10 meter
Design Live Storage 25300 AF
Existing Live Storage Nil
Surface Area 4.0 sq. miles 10.36 sq. km

Main Spillway
Type Overflow
Capacity Per Gate 60,000 cusecs
No. of Gates 9 (Nine)
Size of Gate 40 ft. wide
40 ft. high
12.19x12.19 meters

Power House
UNITS 1~4 5~6
Turbine (Francis-Vertical)
Output (BHP)

Rated Head (Ft. of Water)




Dominion Engg. Co.



Dominion Engg. Co.

Generators (Umbrella Type)
Output (MVA)

Output (MW)

Output (P.F)

Output (K.V)

Rated Speed (RPM)







Canadian General Elec. Co. Ltd.






Canadian General Elec. Co. Ltd.

Capability (MVA)

Voltage Ratio (KV)


13.33 Per Phase
(Single-Phase Bank)

11/132 KV

Sarranti, Canada


11/132 KV


Project Benefits
Besides providing irrigation water from the dam during early years of its life, the project has generated over 36.261 Billion KWh of cheap energy since its commissioning. Annual generation during 2008~2009 was 994.404 Million KWh while the station shared 214 MW peak load.

Updated:  December 31, 2010

Warsak Hydel Power Station is located on River Kabul at 30 KM  in North - West of Peshawar. The project was completed under Colombo Plan Under two phases and financed by Canadian government. The first phase completed in 1960 consisted of construction of Dam. irrigation tunnels and installation of four power generating units, each of 40 MW capacity with 132 KV transmission system which was completed in 1960. Two additional generating units each of 41.48 MW capacity were added in 1980-81 in the second phase. The total installed capacity of the station thus became nearly 243 MW.

WAPDA intends to carry out a Feasibility Study for Rehabilitation, Up gradation & Modernization of Electrical & Mechanical Equipment of Warsak Hydroelectric Power Station to ensure its reliable and sustainable operation at the total installed capacity of 243 MW. The Electrical & Mechanical Equipment of the existing units having spent 50 years (Units 1-4) and 30 years (Units 5-6) of their useful lives, have deteriorated due to aging effects resulting in reduction of reliability and dependability.

The intended Feasibility Study is aimed to study and determine viable solutions and required Works for Rehabilitation, Up-gradation and Modernization of old E&M Equipment, recommend necessary remedial measures to overcome the defects n Civil Structures and to carry out Sedimentation Management Studies. Further, preparation of  Detail Design, Tender Documents and PC-I for Warsak Rehabilitation Project (Phase-II will also be part of the required Consultancy Services.

WAPDA approached Canadian High Commission Islamabad through EAD to seek Financial Assistance from CIDA as was done earlier for the first phase of Warsak Rehabilitation Project (1996-2006). But CIDEA showed inability to provide any funding forthe proposed Rehabilitation scheme,. WAPDA then requested EAD on 22.12.2009 to approach JICA, KFW, ADB, IDB or any other Financing Agency to provide Funds for the Subject Project.

Economic Affairs Division has forwarded above request of WAPDA to Asian Development Bank. In response ADB demanded a Concept Note of the Project Project from WAPDA which has been provided. Approximate cost of the Project us US$ 200 to 300 Million.


i)        Seven Consulting Firms / Joint Ventures were short -listed on the basis of their EOIs, invited by WAPDA for the above Task. Request for Proposals (RFP) were issued to short-listed Consulting Firms / JVs on 23-01-2010 with last date of submission as 17th February, 2010. Four Consulting Firms /JVs have submitted their Proposals within due date. Initial technical evaluation of these proposals was carried out and sent to Standing Committee on 24-06-2010 for Review and arranging approval of Authority for the Technical Ranking and opening of Financial Proposal. Authority considered the final evaluation report of the Standing Committee in its meeting on 10th November, 2010 and accorded approval for the technical ranking. M/s RSW - DCE JV are the top ranked consulting firm securing 81.049% marks.

ii)        Financial Proposal of M/s RSW - DCE JV was opened on 06-12-2010. The total offered read out price of the firm is Rs. 336.8.4 Million. Evaluation of the Financial Proposal has been carried out by the Standing Committee. M/s RSW - DCE JV are being invited for Negotiations and after settlement of various deviations, the case will be sent to GM (CCC) for scrutiny and approval of Authority.

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