Updated as on 14.10.2014
Location The project is located on Satpara Nullah downstream of Satpara Lake which is about 6 km south of Skardu Town.
Scope of Work Dam & structures – Civil & Hydraulic Steel Works, E&M Works, Powerhouses (4 Nos.) Irrigation System & Operator’s Quarters
Objectives / Benefits The project will generate 17.36 MW of hydropower, irrigate 15,536 acres of land and supply 3.1 million gallons per day drinking water to Skardu city.
Date of Commencement

Original (as per Contract)


Date of Completion

Jan 2003

Apr 2003

Original (as per Contract)


Dec 2006

Apr 2013

Project Cost  (As per PC-I)

(Million Rs)


FEC (Original/Revised)

2090.431/4480.021 554.679/-
Salient Features Dam length / height 560 ft/128 ft
Spillway capacity 5000 ft³/ s
Reservoir capacity (gross) 93385 AF
Reservoir capacity (live) 51484 AF
Installed capacity 17.36 MW
Irrigation system LBC (51933 ft)
RBC (58000 ft)
Present Status / Progress

Construction of dam & allied structures, Power houses & Irrigation system completed.

Power House#1 - in commercial operation since 6 Oct 07.

Power House#2 -  in commercial operation since 30 Dec 08.

Power House#3 -  Started power generation in May 2013.

Power House#4 -  Started power generation in June 2013.

  • Total generation upto 30.09.2014 is 199.237 M kWh.

  • Activity agreement for US$ 26 M under Pakistan Enhanced Partnership Agreement (PEPA) signed on 7.1.2011 between GOP and Govt. of USA through Agency for International Development (USAID) for Power House No.3&4 and remaining works of Satpara Dam Project

Incharge of the Project Name: Engr. Johar Ali
Designation: Resident Engineer
Address: Satpara Dam Project, WAPDA, Skardu 
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