Mangla Dam

Mangla Dam is an earthfill type dam constructed on river Jhelum in 1967 as a part of Indus Basin Development Plan. It is a multipurpose Project designed to conserve and regulate the floodwater of the River Jhelum for irrigation purpose and power generation.

Due to deposition of silt during 34 years of its operation the gross capacity has reduced from 5.88 MAF to 4.82 MAF

Initially its life was estimated as 120 years but later on with the implementation of watershed management practices in catchment area, its expected life is now estimated as 170 years.

Project Cost Rs.6.587 Billion (US$ 1.473 Billion)
Objectives Provision of irrigation water to replenish for the waters of three eastern rivers and produce electric power for industrial and domestic uses.
Project Financing: IBRD (World Bank), ADB
Technical Data  
Reservoir Crest level of embankments; El. 1234 ft. SPD
  Crest length 8,400 ft.
Main Spillway    
  Type Submerged Orifice
  Elevation of cill El. 1086 ft.
  Capacity at El 1202 0.87 per sec.
  Capacity at El 1228 1.10 per sec.
Emergency Spillway    
  Type Weir
  Control Erodible Bund
  Elevation of Erodible Bund El. 1216 ft.
  Width of Weir 500 ft.
  Capacity at El 1228 0.23 million cubic feet per sec.
  Number 5
  Internal Diameter 30 ft., 31ft., and 26 ft.
Power Station    
  Number of Sets 10 of 100 MW each
  Total Capacity 1000 MW
 Mangla Dam Raising Project PC-I Performa
Updated as on December 31, 2010 

Mangla Dam Project completed in1967 is located on River Jhelum at about 120 Km from Capital Islamabad. The Power House was completed in four stages, the initial phase comprising of four units of 100 MW each was completed in 1967-1969. The first extension of Units 5-6 (2x100 MW) was completed in 1974 while second extension comprising units 7-8 (2x100 MW) was completed in 1981. The project attained its maximum capacity of 1000MW with the final extension of units 9&10 (2x100 MW) in 1993-94. During high reservoir level period, Mangla is able to generate 1150 MW against the rated capacity of 1000MW due to permissible over loading of 15%.

Since the reservoir capacity had reduced to 4.674 MAF from 5.88 MAF due to sediment deposition, raising of Mangla Dam by 30 ft. was taken in hand which has now completed. The Project will provide additional water storage of 2.88 MAF, increase water head by 30 ft and power generation of 644 GWh per annum and further flood alleviation.

In the light of increase in aforesaid parameters, WAPDA intends to carry out a Feasibility Study for Up-gradation & Refurbishment of the old Generating Units and Allied Equipment of Mangla Power Station to ensure their optimized, reliable and sustainable operation in the Post Raised Mangla Dam Scenario. Electrical & Mechanical Equipment of the existing units after having spent 30 years or more of their useful lives have deteriorated due to aging effects resulting in reduction of efficiency and dependability.

The intended Feasibility study is aimed to assess the present operating conditions of existing Civil Structures & Plant Machinery, Study of various options of Refurbishment of Electrical & Mechanical Equipment and to recommend the most viable option for Up-gradation / Refurbishment of Power House Generating Units for achieving optimum benefits as a result of enhanced water availability ad increased head after Mangla Dam Raising.

Total cost of the project is roughly estimated to be US $ 300 to 500 Million. However, better Cost Estimation of the project will be available after completion of the above study. USAID and JICA have shown interest to finance the subject Project.


i)   Seven Consulting Firms / JVs were short-listed on the basis of their EOIs, invited by WAPDA for the above Task. Requested for Proposals (RFP) were issued to short-listed Consulting Firms / JVs on 05-12-2009 with last date of submission as 17-02-2010. Six Consulting Firms/JVs submitted their Proposals within due date. Initial Technical Evaluation of the proposals were carried out and sent to Standing Committee. Authority considered the final evaluation report of the Standing Committee in its meeting on 10th November, 2010 and accorded approval for the technical ranking. M/s MWH - NESPAK JV are the top ranked consulting firm securing 87.33% marks.

ii)    Financial Proposal of M/s MWH - NESPAK JV was opened on 06-12-2010. The total offered read out price of the firm is Rs. 199.4 Million. Evaluation of the Financial Proposal was carried out by the Standing Committee and sent to G.M (CCC) for Negotiations with the Consultants on various deviations regarding Man-months,  Standard Conditions, Cost etc.

iii)    Negotiations with MWH-NESPAK JV have been started on 06.01.2011. After settlement of all the issues, Final Evaluation will be submitted by GM (CCC) for approval of Authority.

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