Neelum Jhelum HydroElectric Project (NJHEP)

Neelum Jhelum HydroElectric Project (NJHEP)

NEELUM1Location: The dam for diversion of Neelum waters through tunnels is constructed at Nauseri about 41 km upstream of Muzaffarabad and outfall in Jhelum River and powerhouose is located at Chatter Kalas in Muzaffarabad, AJ&K.
Salient Features
Dam Type Composite Dam (Gravity + Rockfill)
Height of Dam 60 meters
Tunnel Length

Twin Tunnel, Length 19.6 km

X-section Area varies from 52m2 -58m2

Single Tunnel, Length 8.94 km

X-section Area 104 m2

Tailrace Tunnel, Length 3.54 km

X-section Area 99 m2

Gross Head 420 m
Design Discharge 280 cumecs
No. of Units 4 Turbines of 242.25 MW each
Gross Storage Capacity 10.0 million m3
Live Storage Capacity 2.8 million m3
Installed Capacity 969 MW
Power Generation 5,150 GWh (5.15 billion units annually)
Execution by WAPDA  / NJHPC
Supervision Consultants The Neelum Jhelum Consultants - NJCs  (A Joint Venture of MWH USA, NORPLAN A.S, Norway, NESPAK, ACE, & NDC)
Contractor CGGC-CMEC, Consortium of China
Donor Agency
  • WAPDA own resources
  • Middle East Donors;

-       Islamic Development Bank (IDB)

-       Saudi Fund for Development (SFD)

-       OPEC Fund for Development (OFID)

-       Kuwait Fund for Development (KFD)

  • China EXIM Bank-I
  • China EXIM Bank-II
Commencement Date January 2008
Completion Date Wet testing by February , 2018
Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs. Million) Total (Rs. Million)
Original PC-I Cost 7,794 7,218.00 15,012.00
1st Revised PC-I Cost 37,834.56 46,667.70 84,502.26
2nd Revised PC-I Cost (04.07.2013) 116,515.40 158,367.18 274,882.59
3rd Revised PC-I (approved by ECNEC on 19-12-2015) 224,978.50 179,342.60 404,321.10
3rd Revised PC-I (without including IDC) 165,430.33 179,342.56 344,772.88

PSDP Allocation (FY 2017-18) 

14739.00 4,834.00 19,573.00

 Environmental Initiatives 

  • Construction of RCC bridge class-70 costing to Rs. 510 Million on neelum river at c-01 Nauseri site completed and handed over to Highway Department AJ&K funded by WAPDA/NJHPC.
  • Metalled road (1.2 km) between RCC Bridge and suspension bridge costing to Rs. 28.638 Million has been compeleted by the Highway deparment funded by WAPDA/NJHPC.
  • Water supply scheme estimation to Rs. 1.25 Million at Chast Nagar Chatter Kalas has been completed under the Lcoal Govt Department funded by WAPDA/NJHPC.
  • Other public welfare scheme such as construction of dispensary and up gradation of water supply scheme at Nausada and Nauseri has been administratively apporved and funds transferred to AJ&K Government, whihc will be constructed by concerned department of AJ&K.
  • The rehablitation of Lohar Gali main road amounting to Rs. 20.0 Million has been transferred to AJ&K Government on 22.07.2015.
  • Approval of Ali Coh Bridge has been accorded and funds have since been transferred to AJ&K Government.
  • The balance amount of approved schemes has also been transferred to AJ&K Government.
  • Administrative approval of 06 No. schemes amounting to Rs. 735.11 Million have been accorded by BoD NJHPC in its 34th meeting held on 06.12.2010 and all funds have been transferred to concerned departments Government of AJ&K on 27.12.2016.



  • Physical Progress            =         96.50%
  • Financial Progress           =         80.76 %*

 * The Financial Progress is with reference to the 3rd Revised PC-I of the project,recently approved by ECNEC on 19-12-2015,and calculation of %-age financial progress does not include Interest During Construction (IDC)

Incharge Of The Project      

Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer(NJHPC)

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