Water Sector Projects
Friday, 03 September 2021 10:29

Chashma Right Bank Canal Project (Lift-Cum-Gravity)

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The proposed project is located on the right bank of Indus River in D.I. Khan District, KP.
Salient Features
Feeder Canal    chashma
  • Capacity
2613 Cusecs
  • Length
39 Miles
Pumping Station  
  • Capacity
2533 Cusecs  
  • Lift
64 Ft  
Pumping Units 8 Units  
Capacity 6x353 cfs & 2x212 cfs  
Type Vertical mixed flow pump  
Main Canal (Gravity)    
  • Capacity
2,533 Cusecs
  • Length
73 Miles
  • Command Area
286,100 Acres  
  • Total Water Requirement
1.187 MAF  
  25 Nos.  
  • Length
167 Miles  
  • Length of Minors
102 Miles  
Scope of Work Review of Feasibility Study, Preparation of Detailed Engineering Design, Bidding Documents & PC-I
Execution by WAPDA
Commencement Date March, 2021 (expected)
Completion Date  October, 2022 (expected)
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Original PC-II Cost 477.853 - 477.853
Expenditure upto 30.06.2021 50.000 - 50.000
PSDP Allocation for 2021-2022 427.853 - 427.853
Upto date Expenditure      


  • Feasibility Study was completed with Japanese financial assistance by Government of KP (the then NWFP) in March 1995.
  • MoWR vide letter dated 24.04.2020 (received on 11.06.2020) conveyed the directions of MoPD&SI wherein it was decided that GoKP will hand over the project data to WAPDA for feasibility study, detailed design and execution of the project. Further, it was decided that WAPDA will prepare the TORs for updation of feasibility study & PC-I, carry out the study of hydro variability, techno economic indicators, financial arrangement & power generation alternatives through quality international consultants.
  • DDWP meeting was held on 10.08.2020 wherein subject project was approved at a cost of Rs. 477.853 million.
  • Advertisement for Request for Proposal (RFP) for procurement of Consultancy firms of the subject Project was published in local newspapers on 01.11.2020 and submission date of RFP was 24.12.2020.
  • Financial Proposal of qualifying Firm/JVs opened on 01.03.2021.
  • Consultancy Services awarded on 28.06.2021 to JV comprising of M/s NESPAK (Lead Firm), M/s ACE, M/s SILT and M/s ECPAK for the period of nine (09) months. Consultants have been mobilized at site on 01.07.2021.
  • WAPDA team along with CRBC Consultants & Provincial Consultants (irrigation department of KP) jointly visited the project site on 13.07.2021 & 14.07.2021.
Incharge Project
Engr. Muhammad Abid Sheikh
General Manager (Hydro) Planning
Contact No. 0092-42-99202717
Friday, 03 September 2021 10:21

The Greater Karachi Bulk Water Supply Scheme K-IV

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The Greater Karachi Bulk Water Supply Scheme K-IV was initiated to supply of bulk water to the mega city of Karachi from its source at Keenjhar Lake located at Thatta District of Sindh Province.
Salient Features
  • Total length of K-IV
121 km  k iv
  • Total length of Intake Channel
0.61 km
  • Pumping stations
02 Nos.
  • Filtration Plants     
03 Nos.
  • Storage Lagoons
03 Nos.
Scope of Work Design Review, Detailed Engineering Design, Construction Supervision and Contract Administration
Execution by WAPDA
Consultants -
Contractor -
Donor Agency Govt. of Pakistan through PSDP
Commencement Date 28th June 2021
Completion Date  October 2023 (Design Review Phase)
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Approved PC-I Cost (18.07.2014) 25,510.000 - 25,510.000*
PSDP Allocation for 2021-2022 15,112.000 - 15,112.000

*Revised PC-I will be submitted by WAPDA after design review by Consultants

  • PC-II for Feasibility Study approved in January 2003.
  • Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KW&SB) conducted a feasibility study limited to desk study in 2006 - 2007. The Consultants studied nine different routes and selected Route No. 8.
  • PC-I for K IV (Phase-I) 260 MGD approved in 2014 by ECNEC to be executed through KW&SB for Open Channel Conveyance System with limited scope.
  • M/s. Osmani and Company Limited (OCL) was awarded Design and Supervision Consultancy Services Contract in 2015 and Project Execution to FWO by Govt. of Sindh (GoS) in March 2016.
  • Progress of work remained slow upto December 2018 due to various design, land acquisition and Non clearance of liabilities (Cash flow) related issues.
  • Federal Government decided on September 23, 2020 to implement “The Greater Water Supply Scheme K-IV” through MoWR/WAPDA.
  • ECNEC in its meeting held on 21.01.2021 approved the project to be executed by WAPDA. However, only anticipatory approval of Chairman CDWP was issued. ECNEC in its meeting dated 11.03.2021 formally approved the Project and Administrative Approval issued by Ministry of Water Resources on 09.04.2021.
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) for procurement of Unified Consultancy Services for Design Review, Detailed Engineering Design, Construction Supervision and Contract Administration published on February 09, 2021 through ICB.
  • WAPDA Authority accorded approval for establishment of Project Directorate under GM (Projects) South at Karsaz, Karachi on February 03, 2021. WAPDA has taken over site offices located at M-9 Motorway and Intake Structure from KW&SB, GoS on February 13, 2021.
  • Joint Cross-Sectional Survey by Officers/Official of WAPDA South Division and KW&SB, GoS for physical handing/taking over of K-IV Project started on 11.03.2021. Cross-Sectional Survey from Intake Structure upto RD 17+240 has been completed.
  • WAPDA awarded Consultancy Services Contract on 08.07.2021 to JV comprising of M/s Techno Consult (Lead Firm), M/s MM Pakistan (JV partner) and M/s ILF Consulting Engineers-Austria (JV partner) and M/s PES & M/s ILF Consulting Engineers Pakistan as sub consultant to carry out the study.

Incharge Project
Engr. Aamir Mughal
CE/PD, K-IV Project, Karachi
Contact No. 0092-3337121181
Tuesday, 12 May 2020 05:56

Sindh Barrage Project

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The Project area lies on River Indus between Kotri Barrage & Indus River outfall into the Arabian Sea. The barrage site is proposed to be located about 45 km upstream Indus River outfall into the sea, 10 km east of Baghan village, 65 km south of Thatta City & 120 km east of Karachi City, Sindh.
Salient Features

 Height Of Barrage

 39.37 ft

Gross Storage

 2.00 MAF
Live Storage  1.80 MAF

Execution by





Donor Agency Govt. of Pakistan
Commencement Date January, 2020
Completion Date March, 2021
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Approved PC-II Cost


- 327.528
PSDP Allocation 2021-2022


- 202.528


  • In a meeting on Pakistan's Water Issues chaired by Prime Minister on 15.05.2019 at Prime Minister Office, MoWR & WAPDA was directed to carry out Feasibility Study of Weir d/s Kotri.
  • In principle approval for the Project Concept has been accorded by Prime Minister of Pakistan during the meeting on 05.08.2019.
  • PC-II Proforma for Feasibility Study amounting to Rs. 350 million submitted to MoWR on 05.09.2019.
  • DDWP approved PC-II for Feasibility Study of Sindh Barrage Project subject to cost rationalization. Subsequently, MoWR issued Administrative Approval at a reduced cost of Rs. 327.528 Million on 17.12.2019 with the condition:
  • “The funds for the proposed study will be arranged by WAPDA through suggesting re-appropriation from the allocation made in PSDP 2019-20 of the ongoing projects being executed by WAPDA”.
  • WAPDA has initiated the Desk Study by utilizing in-house technical expertise. Data has been collected from different agencies / departments including Survey of Pakistan, Geological Survey of Pakistan, Sindh Irrigation Department, Sindh Irrigation & Drainage Authority, Sindh Environment Climate Change & Coastal Development Department and Bureau of Statistics. 
  • Project Inception Report issued on 30.07.2020.
  • Geological/Geotechnical investigations initiated on 18.12.2020.
  • Social & Environmental Data Collection in project area (1,800 sq. km) in collaboration with Department of Coastal Development of University of Sindh, Thatta campus, completed.
  • Satellite imagery of Project area (1,800 sq. km) was procured from SUPARCO; ground verification/ processing, completed.
  • Approval for establishment of gauging station at Thatta - Sujawal Bridge conveyed to SWHP on 16.03.2021 for discharge and sediment measurement.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) document for hiring the consultancy services of four (04) Experts (i.e. Coastal Hydraulics, Delta Reclamation, Hydraulic Structure & Geotechnical Design) was advertised in leading English/Urdu newspaper with proposal submission date as 07.09.2021
Incharge of the Project      
Engr. Muhammad Abid Sheikh
General Manager (Hydro) Planning
Contact No. 0092-42-99202717
Wednesday, 20 November 2019 10:11

Mangla Dam Raising

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Mangla District Mirpur Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
Salient Features
  • Height

30 feet raising from 1,234 ft. to 1,264 ft.

(40 ft. raise in water level)

 mangla dam raising
  • Additional Storage Capacity
2.88 MAF
  • Additional Power

644 GWh per annum                   (12% of existing generation)

Scope of Work
  • To regain the reservoir capacity lost due to sedimentation.
  • To store more water for irrigation releases.
  • To minimize conservation of flood discharges and thereby enhance Irrigation releases.
  • To enhance the annual generation of electricity.
Executing Agency WAPDA
Consultants MJV (a JV of NESPAK (lead firm) with ACE, BARQAAB, Binnie Black & VEATCH (UK), MWH (USA)
Contractor CWE-CRFG / JV M/s Gammon, Sarwar JV, Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd, DESCON            
Commencement Date June 2004
Completion Date

December 2009 (Civil Works)

Expected September 2022 (Resettlement Works)                                          


Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Original PC-I Cost 52,875.000 9,678.000 62,553.000
Revised PC-I Cost (23.09.2014) 96,855.000 - 96,855.000
PSDP Allocation for 2021-22 1.000 - 1.000


  • 2nd Revised PC-I for Rs. 111,238.82 Million submitted to MoWR on 10.08.2017 and further forwarded to MoPD&R on 10.05.2018.
  • A Meeting of Stakeholders to discuss issues of MDRP was held on 07.09.2020 in MoWR, Islamabad. Moreover, a meeting chaired by Deputy Chairman Planning Commission regarding 2nd Revised PC-I & other issues of MDRP was held on 10.09.2020.
  • MoWR vide Notification dated 23.11.2020 constituted a committee under convener ship of Engineering Advisor Civil, FFC to look into the issues of MDRP. The first meeting of the committee was held on 15.12.2020.
  • Committee has submitted its report to MoWR on 23.07.2021 in accordance with its TOR's.

Physical Progress 99.49% (Resettlement Works 96.10%)


Incharge of the Project

Engr. Muhammad Akmal Khan
General Manager (MDO/MDRP)
Contact No. 0092-544-639005

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 10:32

Mangla Marala Link Canal Project

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The proposed Canal will off-take from the existing Bong Canal in District Mirpur, Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K). Canal Head Regulator will be located about 8 km downstream of Mangla Dam on New Bong Canal adjacent to Upper Jhelum Canal (UJC).
Salient Features
Link Canal Length 80 km (including 19km Tunnel)
Link Canal Capacity 10,000 cusecs
Main Irrigation Canal Length 19 km
Main Irrigation Canal Capacity 430 cusecs
CCA 90,000 Acres
Power Generation -
Execution by WAPDA
Commencement Date January, 2019 (Expected)
Completion Date December, 2021
Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs. Million) Total  (Rs. Million)
Original PC-II Cost 280.972 - 280.972
1st Revised PC-1 Cost - - -
PSDP Allocation FY 2018-19 - - -
Upto date Expenditure - - -


  • .MoWR cleared the PC-II on October 04, 2018 for on-ward transmittal to MoPD&R.

Incharge of the Project   

Shahid Mahmood
General Manager (Hydro) Planning,
WAPDA, Sunny View, Lahore
Contact No. 0092-42-99202717
Cell No. 0333-4654348

MoWR cleared the PC-II on October 04, 2018 for on-ward transmittal to MoPD&R.

Wednesday, 05 September 2018 10:47

Murunj Dam Project

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The Project is proposed across Kaha Nullah at about 116 km West of District Rajanpur.
Salient Features
  • Type of Dam

Earth Core Rock Fill  
  • Height of Dam

107 ft.
  • Gross Storage

0.80 MAF
  • Live Storage

0.60 MAF
  • GCA  

120,000 Acres
  • Power Generation

12 MW

Scope of Work

Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design and Preparation of Tender Documents

Execution by


Donor Agency

Govt. of Pakistan

Commencement Date


Completion Date


Financial Status (Rs. Million)

Local Foreign Total

Approved PC-I Cost (03.09.2009)

349.956 - 349.956

PSDP Allocation for 2021-2022

254.236 - 254.236


  • WAPDA Authority in its meeting held on April 24, 2020 accorded approval to award contract for Consultancy Services to M/s NESPAK - JV. Contract Agreement signed between WAPDA and      M/s NESPAK-JV on 20.05.2020.
  • Topographic Survey of Darrah site (Barrage Site), Mud Kund site (Dam site) and reservoir area completed.
  • Geotechnical investigations & Geological mapping at Darrah site completed.
  • Geotechnical investigations & Geological mapping at Mud Kund site in progress.
  • Flow & sediments measurements at Darrah Site are being carried out by SWHP, WAPDA.
  • Collection of soil and water samples from command area has been completed.
  • The Consultants have surveyed for barrow areas for riprap, coarse & fine aggregates for further investigation and tests.
Incharge of the Project      
Engr. Muhammad Abid Sheikh
General Manager (Hydro) Planning
Contact No. 0092-42-99202717



Tuesday, 22 August 2017 10:30

Khanpur Dam

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The Khanpur Dam is a multi-purpose project aimed at supplying water for irrigation as well as for municipal use. The project is located in District Haripur of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at a distance of 50 km north of Islamabad. Khanpur Dam is a 167 feet high earth and rockfill dam built on the Haro River which is a small tributary of the Indus River.
Khanpur Dam Project provides regulated supply of water for irrigation to the adjoining area in District Haripur (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and Districts Rawalpindi and Attock (Punjab). It also caters to the municipal water requirements of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
The live storage of Khanpur Reservoir is 79,980 acre-feet. Water from Khanpur Reservoir is released through two canals known as the Left Bank Canal (LBC) and the Right Bank Canal (RBC). The RBC which has a design discharge of 110 ft3/s (cusecs) is meant only for irrigation whereas the LBC having a design discharge of 440 ft3/s (cusecs), supplies water both for irrigation as well as municipal and industrial purposes. The lengths of LBC and RBC are 18 km and 11 km respectively. Both Canals were handed over to the Provincial Irrigation Departments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab in 1985 and 1987 respectively.
The Left Bank Canal (LBC) at its tail-end delivers water to the Sangjani Raw Water Reservoir which is controlled by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). From CDA’s Sangjani Reservoir water is supplied, after treatment, to Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
Khanpur Dam Project was completed and made operational in 1984-85 at a cost of Rs. 1385.10 million. The beneficiaries of Khanpur Dam include:


  •  Irrigation Department Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  •  Irrigation Department Govt. of Punjab.


  • Rawalpindi/Islamabad: Capital Development Authority (CDA).
  • Fecto Cement Industries.
  • Heavy Industry Taxila (HIT).
  • Project Management Organization (PMO).
  •  University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Taxila.

Naulong Dam Project

On Mula River at Sunt about 30 km from Gandawa City in District Jhal Magsi of Balochistan Province.
Salient Features
  • Type of Dam
Zone Earth fill  naulong
  • Height of Dam
186 ft.
  • Length of Dam
2,996 ft.
  • Gross Storage
242,163 AF
  • Live Storage  
199,956 AF
  • CCA
47,000 Acres
  • Power Generation
4.4 MW
Execution by WAPDA
Supervision Consultants Consortium of M/s PES – ACE – BARQAAB – DMC
Contractor -
Commencement Date Not yet Commenced
Completion Date 36 months after commencement
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Approved PC-I Cost (03.09.2009) 11,699.000 1,326 11,699.000
1st Revised PC-I Cost (26.03.2020) 21,538.000 6,927.000 28,465.000
PSDP Allocation 2019-20 950.000 50.000 1000.000
  • Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design completed in 2009.
  • 2nd Revised PC-I amounting to Rs. 28,465 Million submitted to Ministry of Water Resources on 14.12.2018 and forwarded to Ministry of Planning Development & Reforms on 26.02.2019.
  • MOWR has lifted the embargo on expenditure of the Project on 24.03.2020 for completion of ADB studies and preparation of Modified PC-I of the Project. Accordingly, part payment has been made to consultants on 20.05.2020 against their outstanding liabilities for completion of ADB’s studies.
  • The updated 2nd Revised PC-I approved by ECNEC on 26.03.2020 at  a cost of Rs.28,465 Million with FEC of Rs.6,927 Million with the directions that (i) Command Area Development Works will be included in the current PC-I cost and will be executed by WAPDA (ii) Modified PC-I of the Project will be prepared on fast track  basis and (iii) Economic Affairs Division  may initiate negotiation with ADB for funding of the Project, which however will be finalized after approval of the modified PC-I.
  • MoWR cleared the PC-I amounting to 35,484 million on 26.01.2021 and forwarded the same to MoPD&SI on 29.01.2021 for arranging its approval by the CDWP/ECNEC.
  • PC-I was discussed in Pre-CDWP meeting held on 19.05.2021, wherein it has been decided that WAPDA will  submit modified PC-I with inclusion of cost of Watershed Management and HEIS (Pilot Project) components to Planning Commission, GoP Islamabad. 
Incharge of the Project
Engr. Aijaz Hussain Memon
Project Director
Naulong Dam Project
Contact No. 0092-74-4753330

Hub Dam

The preliminary works of Hub Dam, built across the River Hub, were commenced in September, 1963 and completed in June, 1981. The project was meant to construct a storage reservoir for regulating the flows of Hub River for the purpose of municipal, industrial water supply and irrigation releases to Karachi in Sindh and Lasbela District in Balochistan. The Hub Dam is an inter-provincial Project as the beneficiaries are located in the two Provinces Sindh and Balochistan. The capital cost of the project is Rs. 1191.806 million (excluding interest charges).
The total live storage of the reservoir 656,000 AF (Acre ft.) is about 2 times planned for annual withdrawal of 216,406 AF, considering Reservoir Losses (Evaporation / Seepage, 35% on average). Normally, the impounding of reservoir takes place during monsoon season. The Project is designed to supply 100 MGD (Million gallon per day) of water to Karachi (Sindh) for municipal and industrial purposes, and 15 MGD to the Balochistan industries besides irrigation of 21,000 Acres (CCA),i.e. 44 MGD, in Balochistan and 1000 acres i.e. 2 MGD in Sindh. Thus, the reservoir-release of 216,406 AF is shared by Sindh 63.3% and by Balochistan 36.7%. This supply is ensured for a period of 75 years.

In Pictures

Mirani Dam

Location: On river Dasht, about 40 km West of Turbat, District Kech, Balochistan.
 Salient Features


Dam Type Concrete Faced, Rock Fill Dam (CFRD)
Height of Dam  127 ft
Length of Dam  3,080 ft
AgencyGross Storage
 0.302 MAF
Live Storage  0.152 MAF
Length of Canals  

Right Bank 13.5 miles

Left Bank 11.3 miles 

Command Area  33,200 Acres
Executing Agency WAPDA
 Consultants M/s NEAC Management Consultants (Consortium of consulting firms NESPAK being the lead firm).
 Contractors M/s Mirani Dam J/V
(DESCON, Sarwar & Co. & Izhar Construction)
 Commencement   Date July 2002
 Completion Date

July 2007

 Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs. Million) Total (Rs. Million)
 Approved PC-I   Cost 3,514.00 2,297.000 5,811.00


  •  Irrigation system handed over to the Irrigation Department, Govt. of Balochistan on 07.02.2008 along with office/residential accommodation, vehicles,   office equipment, and survey equipment, etc.
  •  Mirani Dam has been handed over to Irrigation Department, GoB on 15.10.2018 for further Operation & Maintenance at their end.

Physical Progress:     Completed

Incharge of the Project
Engr. Farhat Kamal
General Manager (Projects) South
Contact No. 0092-22-9260217
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