Lower Spat Gah

Lower Spat Gah

Location: On the left tributary of Indus River, located at 8 km downstream of Dasu town Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 35 km upstream of Patan town and 365 km from Islamabad.
Salient Features

Design Discharge

81 m3/sec  

Installed Capacity

496 MW

Annual Energy

2,007 GWh                               


To Generate Electricity
Commencement Date -
Completion Date 5 years after commencement
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Approved PC-II Cost (07.03.2005) 82.735 94.976 177.711
  • WAPDA Authority in its meeting held on 31.08.2010 decided to implement Lower Spat Gah Scheme on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model.
  • M/s KOMIPO-POSCO Engineering Consortium of Korea was selected as a Private Sponsor.
  • Govt. of KP had shown interest to acquire 1% share of WAPDA and implement the Project at Provincial level vide their letter dated 18.04.2018. To discuss the issue, a meeting was held at Wapda House with the representative of Govt. of KP on 04.05.2018.
  • WAPDA vide letter dated 21.05.2018 requested Govt. of KP to depute a team of experts to resolve modalities and final ownership of the project.
  • Govt. of KP deputed a team of experts from the Energy and Power Department, for formally taking over Spat Gah HPP from WAPDA on 14.09.2018. Modalities for handing over the project to Govt. of KP are under review by concerned WAPDA formations.
  • WAPDA informed Govt. of KP on 21.02.2019 that ADB has shown interest in the implementation of Lower Palas, Patan and other Hydropower Projects on conventional mode. If Govt. of KP agrees, WAPDA may take up Spat Gah HPP with ADB for financing.

Incharge of the Project

Mr. Muhammad Amin
General Manager (Hydro) Planning,
Contact No. 0092-42-99202717

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