Thakot HydroPower Project

Thakot HydroPower Project

The project sites for Thakot I, II and III are located as 4km upstream of Besham, 12km downstream of Besham (Tentative) and 15km downstream of Thakot (tentative) respectively.
Salient Features
  • Design Discharge
3,400 m3/sec


  • Gross Head
159 m
  • Installed Capacity

4,927 MW

Thakot-I    2,280 MW

Thakot -II     964 MW

Thakot -III 1,683 MW

  • Annual Energy
23,125 GWh
  10  (Francis Type)
  • Objectives
To Generate Electricity
Scope of Work Feasibility Study
Consultants Thakot Hydropower Consultants (THC) JV of Lahmeyer International (Lead Firm), NDC, BAK in association of KEC.
Commencement Date Dec 2015
Completion Date June 2019
Financial Status (Rs. Million)             Local          Foreign Total
PC-II Cost Approved by CDWP 416.488 303.139 719.628
PSDP Allocation 2019-2020 220.000 - 220.000


  • Identified by MONENCO in “Inventory and Ranking Study” in November 1984.
  • The Contract Agreement for the Feasibility Study signed between WAPDA and a JV comprising of Lahmeyer International (Germany) as Lead firm with NDC (Pak) and BAK (Pak) on 05.11.2015.
  • Inception Report submitted by Consultants was discussed in the meeting held on 19.05.2016 chaired by Member (Water) during which study of Cascade layouts for Thakot HPP was approved.
  • Field investigations like Topographic Survey, Environmental Survey, Borehole drilling, Seismic Refraction Survey, Adit at Dam site D3 have been completed.
  • Feasibility Study for Dam site D3 is under finalization.
  • Due to change in scope of work and increase in field investigations, Revised PC-II amounting to Rs. 1,064.72 Million is under process with Ministry of Water Resources since  27.05.2019.
  • DDWP meeting was held on 01.11.2019 under the Chairmanship of Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources. Minutes of meeting/decision are awaited.
Incharge of the Project     
Mr. Muhammad Amin
General Manager (Hydro) Planning
Contact No. 0092-42-99202717       




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