Location: On Harpo Nullah, a left tributary of Indus River about 75 km north west of Skardu District,  Gilgit-Baltistan and 670 km North-east of Islamabad.
Salient Features

Installed Capacity

34.5 MW  HARPO

Annual Energy

170 GWh


To Generate Electricity
Execution By WAPDA

Scope of Work

Detailed Engineering Design, Preparation of tender document & Construction Supervision
Consultants To be hired
Contractor -
Commencement Date -
Completion Date -
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Approved PC-I Cost (28.03.2014) 3,420.188 6,102.613 9,522.801


  • Feasibility study was completed by WAPDA with technical collaboration of GTZ of Germany in the year 2002. Updation of feasibility study was completed in December 2011 by Grant Assistance from KfW.
  • KfW of Germany and AFD of France signed Loan Agreement with EAD (GoP) for € 20 million & € 50 million on 20.12.2013 & 02.04.2014 respectively.
  • WAPDA & Gilgit-Baltistan Govt. signed Development & Operation Agreement for the implementation of the project on 23.12.2015. Accordingly, WAPDA will act as Executing Agency and Ministry of Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit-Baltistan will act as Sponsoring Agency.
  • At present, the procurement of Consultancy Services for “Detailed Engineering Design, Preparation of Tender Document and Construction Supervision” is under progress.
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