Tarbela 5th Extension
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Tarbela 5th Extension

Tarbela Dam (on Indus River), District Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Salient Features
Tunnel 5 (Already Constructed):       


  • Purpose
  • Type
Concrete/steel lined
  • Length
3,675 ft.
Proposed T5 Powerhouse:
  • Generation Capacity

1,410 MW

(Three units 470 MW each)

  • Annual Energy
1,810 GWh 

Execution by


Project Benefits

  • Generation of Hydropower
    • Employment Generation during construction & O&M of the project
  • Development of Fisheries
  • Load shedding will be substantially reduced


JV of Mott MacDonalds Ltd. UK, Coyne-et-Billier, France with MM Pakistan & ACE Pakistan as Sub-consultants

Commencement Date


Completion Date

4.5 Years

Financial Status (Rs. Million)

Local Foreign Total

Approved PC-I Cost 20.12.2016

46,373.610 35,988.000 82,361.610


  • Consultancy Contract signed with JV of Mott MacDonalds Ltd. UK, Coyne-et-Billier, France with MM Pakistan & ACE Pakistan as Sub-consultants
  • The Contract agreement for geotechnical investigations signed on 15.04.2019 with M/s Sarwar & Company, Islamabad. The drilling of bore holes in Dal Darra channel has been completed whereas drilling of bore holes at Power House and Intake area is in progress.
  • Floating Solar Project has been initiated by the Project Consultants as per the vision of World Bank and WAPDA. Installation of Floating Solar Projects of 150 MW each for Barotha & Ghazi Lakes and 25 MW for Tarbela reservoir have been planned. In this regard Feasibility of 150 MW Floating Solar Project in Barotha lakes has been submitted by the Consultants. PC-I of the Floating Solar Project is under preparation.
  • The evaluation of PQ applications for Civil and E&M works has been completed and sent to World Bank for NOL on 27.03.2020.
  • Consultants of the project have submitted Design Review Report which is under review with WAPDA.
  • Consultants have submitted Draft Bidding Documents for Civil and E&M works, which are under review with WAPDA.

Environmental Initiatives


Incharge of the Project
Mr. Abdul Rasheed
Chief Engineer /PD (Tarbela 5th Ext. HPP)
Contact No. 0092-995-350004
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