Dasu Hydropower Project

Dasu Hydropower Project


Location: 7-km upstream of Dasu Town on Indus River, 74 km downstream of Diamer Basha Dam and 350 km from Islamabad.
Salient Features

Dam Height

242 m  

Dam Type

RCC Gravity Dam

Installed Capacity

4,320 MW (Stage-I 2,160 MW)

Annual Energy

21,485 GWh                               


To Generate Electricity

Execution by




DHC JV, M/s Nippon Koei (Japan) Lead Firm

M/s Dolsar (Turkey) with local sub-consultants of M/s DMC,        M/s NDC & M/s PES

Contractors M/s China Gezhouba Group Company (CGGC) (Main Works Contractor)
Construction Period 5 years (Stage-I) with Generation of 2,160 MW (12,220 GWh)
Commencement Date (Stage-I) June 2017
Completion Date (Stage-I)  As per PC-I March 2020 / Expected February 2023
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
PC-I Stage-I Cost (28.03.2014) 267,545.800 218,547.500 486,093.300
PSDP Allocation 2018-2019 73,200.000 3,000.000 76,200.000
Environmental Initiatives



Preparatory Works
• 5 Nos. Contracts related to Relocation of KKH, Access Roads and 132 Transmission Line awarded. Contractors for 03 Contracts (Dasu-KKH-01, Dasu-RAR-01 & Dasu-TL-01) are mobilized at Project Site and carrying out construction activities. 02 Nos. Contracts of Relocation of KKH (Dasu-KKH-02) and Right bank Access Road (Dasu-RAR-02) signed. Commencement will be issued upon Award of land.
• Contract for Project Colony & Infrastructure (Dasu-PCI-01R) signed with M/s CGICOP (Chinese Contractor) on October 18, 2018.

Resettlement Works
• 3 Nos. Contracts of Resettlement Sites have been awarded & signed with Chinese firms. Commencement delayed due to inaccessibility to Resettlement Sites.

Main Civil Works (Dasu-MW-01 & Dasu-MW-02)
• Main Civil Works Contracts awarded to M/s CGGC, China. Contracts signed on March 08, 2017. Contractor has commenced services and mobilized at site w.e.f June 23, 2017. Construction activities are in progress.

Electro-Mechanical Works (Dasu-EM-01)
• Bids received and opened on February 28, 2018. Evaluation of bids completed by Consultants and is under review by WAPDA.

Land Acquisition
• Total land required for Project is 9,875 acres including 1,987 acres required on Priority basis for Preparatory & Main Civil Works. 740 acres out of 1,987 acre land has been acquired/in-possession of WAPDA.
• An amount of Rs. 2.20 Billion has been disbursed to Project affectees.


In Pictures

Dasu Site View
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Image Detail

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