Project Benefits
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Project Benefits

    • The generation of cheap electricity will help to reduce the existing tariff.
    • Reduction in import of oil and saving in foreign exchange ultimately increase of foreign reserves.
    • Reduction in Load Shedding by adding 2,160 MW in Stage-I, generating 12.22 Billion Units per annum.
    • Increase in Living Standards of local people due to development of new town with all modern civic facilities.
    • Opportunity of new jobs for local people during construction and operation of Project
    • Construction industry of Pakistan will also be flourished due to increase in demand of construction material. 
    • Social & Economic development of the Local Area and Population.
    • Overall growth in economy due to induction of cheap electricity. This will help reduction in production cost of goods used locally and especially export goods to make them more competitive with other countries.
    • Project will create an enhance tourism opportunities in Kohistan and Gilgit Baltistan

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