Kurram Tangi Dam
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Kurram Tangi Dam

Location :On Kurram river in North Waziristan Agency, KP (previously FATA) about 14 km upstream of Kurram Garhi Headworks and 32 km North of Bannu District.                                                            
Salient Features
Height of Dam 322 Ft
Gross Storage Capacity 1.20 MAF
Live Storage Capacity 0.9MAF
Power Generation 83.4 MW
Annual Energy 350 GWh
New Command Area 84,380 Acres

Supplementing Existing System of

Civil & Marwat Canal



Supervision Consultants M/s MM Pakistan Joint Venture
Location of Stage-I

Kaitu Weir diversion works and its allied structures are to be constructed across Kaitu River, which is located

near Spinwam at a distance of 28 km from Mirali Tehsil HQ of Tribal District North Waziristan.

Salient Features of Stage-1 Height of Kaitu Weir: 18 ft
Feeder Tunnel Discharge Capacity: 633.4 cusecs
Spaira Ragha Canal (CCA): 4,080 acres
Sheratalla Canal (CCA): 12,300 acres
Installed Capacity: 18.9 MW
Annual Energy: 79 GWh


Commencement Date (Stage-1) June 2016
Completion Date (Stage-1) April 2019
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Approved PC-I Stage-I (06.03.2014) 2,687.600 9,975.00 12,662.00
Revised PC-I Cost Stage-I (22.04.2016) 7,776.500 13,282.500 21,059.00
PSDP Allocation Fy-2018-19 (Stage-1) 1,740.000 10.000 1,750.000




Sr.# Component Description Upto Date Progress
1. Kaitu Weir

Construction Work of Weir including Stilling Basin, Link Tunnel, Sediment Excluder, Under sluices.

2. Feeder Tunnel   Feeder Tunnel of 6400 ft. Length. Inlet, Outlet portal.  6.38%
3. Sheratalla Canal  Constructon Construction work of Main Canal (16.43 miles) alongwith Distributaries & Minors  (34 miles).           3.70%
4. Spaira Ragha Canal Construction work of Main Canal (8.1 miles) along with Distributaries & Minors.           41.92%
5. Power House -IV • Power House Building
• Headrace Channel
• Penstock
• Tailrace Channel
• Access road to PH-IV
6. PowerHouse - V • PowerHouse Building
• Headrace Channel
• Penstock
• Tailrace Channel

Acces Road From Keitu Bridge to Main Dam Site

Acces Road From Keitu Bridge to Main Dam Site

Topographic survey

of the access road is complete



Physical Progress       38.00%

  • Rs. 84 Million has been transferred to APA / LAC Mirali, North Wazirstan Agency for land compensation.
  • 410 acres out of 700 acres of land has been acquired.
  • About 132 acres land is under process with APA Mirali. The remaining land of about 136 acres is under process with PD KTDP for survey, measurement & Demarcation of distributaries and access road.
  • PC-II Proforma for Kurram Tangi (Stage-II) amounting to Rs. 647.294 Million under process in MoWR.
Incharge of Project

Mr. Masood Ali
Chief Engineer/PD
Kurram Tangi Dam Project
Contact No. 0092-928-622108

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