Chiniot Dam Project

Chiniot Dam Project

Chiniot Dam Project

The dam site is located on Chenab river and about 5 km from the Chiniot city and approximately 100 meter up-stream of existing Railway Bridge.
Salient Features
Dam Type Earth Rock-fill Dam
Height of Dam  18m (60 ft)
Gross Storage Capacity 0.90 MAF
Live Storage Capacity 0.85 MAF
Power Generation 80 MW (274 GWh)
Execution by WAPDA
Scope Of Work Feasibility Study
Donor Agency

Govt. Of Pakistan

Rs. 50 Million to be provided by GoP through PSDP and Rs. 96.330 Million to be funded by WAPDA from its own resources.

Commencement Date -
Completion Date -
Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs. Million) Total  (Rs. Million)
Approved PC-I Cost


- 146.330


  • Appraisal Study Report was prepared by M/s BARQAAB in 2003.
  • Feasibility Study completed on October 31, 2018, using in-house expertise.
  • PC-II submitted to Federal Flood Commission, MoWR on 04.04.2019.
Incharge of the Project

Mr. Muhammad Amin
General Manager (Hydro) Planning
Contact No. 0092-42-99202717

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