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Daraban Zam Dam

The dam is located on Khora River near existing Zam Burg Tower, 69 KM South West of D.I Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province
Salient Features
Dam Type Asphalt – Concrete faced rockfill
Height of Dam 154 ft
Gross Storage Capacity 69,739 AF
Live Storage Capacity 40,662 AF
CCA 16,000 Acres
Power Generation 750 KW
Execution by  
Commencement Date April, 2010
Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs. Million) Total  (Rs. Million)
Original PC-I Cost 2,751 - 2,751

Status                              Construction will be started after:

                                                  -Detailed Engineering Design and preparation of PC-I & Tender Documents

                                                  -Availability of funds

                                                  -Improvement in security conditions of the area

Incharge of the Project:   General Manager (Hydro) Planning