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CJ-Link Canal


CJ-Link Canal off takes from Chashma Barrage on its left bank and conveys water to River Jehlum to meet the requirement of the canals off-taking at Trimmu Headworks on river Jehlum near Jhang. The link is an unlined earthen channel.  WAPDA acquired about 10,800 acres of land for it's construction and 1130 acres for shelter belt plantation.The work on the Canal was started in 1967 and completed in 1971.

A Head Regulator of 8,500 Cusecs capacity for Greater Thal Canal has been provided at RD 180+222 on the right side of CJ-Link Canal.




LENGTH                                            64 Miles

BED WIDTH                                       380 ft

DESIGN DISCHARGE                        21,700 cusecs

DESIGN FSD                                     14 ft

STRUCTURES                                   36 Nos.

COMPLETION COST                         Rs. 210 Million

COMMENCEMENT DATE                  11th Jan. 1967

COMPLETION DATE                         31st March 1971