Greater Thal Canal

Greater Thal Canal


Location: Off-takes from C-J Link Canal at RD 180+222. (Khushab, Bhakkar, Layyah and Jhang Districts of Punjab)

Scope of Work: Agricultural production resulting in a boost to the economy, improvements in a physical environment including the atmosphere, climate, land, and water, improvement in the quality of life due to betterment in socio-cultural and socio-economic conditions. Crop benefits of Rs. 5.58 billion per year.

Salient Features
Main Canal Length 35 km
Canal Capacity 8,500 cusecs
Branch Canals Length 344 km (Phase-I:  65 km)
Distributaries & Minors Length 1,999 km (Phase-I:  400 km)
Command Area 1,739,000 acres (Phase-I:  355,000 acres)
Commencement Date (Phase-I) 16.08.2001 (As per PC-I)
Completion Date (Phase-I)

(As per PC-I) June 2005 / Actual June 2009

Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Approved PC-I Cost (28.02.2002) 30,467.109 - 30,467.109
Phase-I Cost 10,144.060 - 10,144.060



Phase-In -Contracts : GTC-01, GTC-02, GTC-03, GTC-04, GTC-03A, GTC-03B & GTC-05 have been completed.

Phase II - Contract GTC-06: (Construction of Chubara Branch Canal and System) Approval of the Planning Commission is required to initiate work.

Physical Progress Completed.

The Project has been handed over to the Irrigation Department, Govt: of Punjab on 30.06.2010.


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