Hub Dam Canal System

 The Hub Dam Canal System consists of Main Canal, Karachi Water Supply Canal, Lasbela Canal, and a Bund Murad Minor. The Main Canal, having Design Discharge Capacity of 370 cfs, off-takes from Hub Dam and bifurcates into two branches after flowing about 5.2 Miles (8.32 Km) at Head Regulator. At Head Regulator, the water supplies to Sindh and Balochistan are controlled by manually operated vertical gates. Whereas, supply to Bund Murad Minor is controlled through Lasbela Canal about one Km from Head Regulator.
At Head Regulator one branch is known as Karachi Water Supply Canal with Design Discharge Capacity of 210 cfs. This is a very sensitive canal as it supplies 20% to 25 % of the Municipal and Industrial waters to Karachi. It is a 14 Miles (22.4 Km) long open channel, which terminates at Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KW&SB) Pumping Station near Manghopir, Karachi. It is lined with concrete tiles and crosses a number of natural drainage channels that necessitated construction of aqueducts and drainage crossings, beside a road bridge and 3 village road bridges. There are also two fall structures at this canal. The un-interrupted water is supplied through this canal at allocated rate of 100 MGD (Million gallons per day).
The second branch is called Lasbela Canal (21 Miles or 33.6 Km long) with a Design Discharge Capacity of 160 cfs supplies water for irrigation of 21,000 Acres of land and 15 MGD water for industries in Lasbela District, Balochistan. Hence a total of 59 MGD water is supplied for Municipal, Industrial, and Irrigation purposes to Lasbela District as per their allocation. The Lasbela Canal is lined canal and crosses a number of drainage channels necessitated constructions of aqueducts, siphons and drainage crossings. The total number of structures on this canal is 58. This distribution system of Lasbela Branch comprises 8 minors for irrigation purposes besides outlets for industrial water supply.
The Bund Murad Minor (handed over to Government of Sindh on 01.01.86) also off-takes from Lasbela Canal to supply irrigation water on replacement basis, to 1000 Acres of those agricultural farms which were under existence prior to the construction of Hub Dam Project.

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