Achievements & Conclusions

Recoveries from the Beneficiaries

 As per decision of ECNEC, the water releases are made un-interruptedly and round the year as per allocated quota to respective beneficiaries' i.e. Government of Sindh & Government of Balochistan at 63.3% & 36.7% respectively.
To meet the basic requirement of O & M, Government of Pakistan has provided interest free loan up to June, 2013. As a stopgap arrangement WAPDA is also contributing meager essential amount through Bridge Financing, which is totally insufficient in comparison to actual budgetary requirement.
Due to inadequate funding there is a big inventory of deferred maintenance works that were recommended for immediate execution during various periodic and annual inspections by the team of experts.

O&M cost share of Govt. of Sindh

Due to continuous efforts of this office, Government of Sindh agreed to pay Rs.2.00 million per month to this project as O&M cost w.e.f July 1, 2008, in the meetings held in September, 2008, February, 2012 & January, 2014, in P&D department, Govt. of Sindh chaired by ACS (Dev), but so far they have only contributed Rs.61.920 million against payable amount of Rs.665.423 million. Whereas
Rs. 603.503 million is total liability of Govt. of Sindh which is payable to WAPDA.

O&M cost share of Govt. of Balochistan

Since continuous efforts and meetings with the representatives of Govt. of Balochistan, they are kind enough to pay their major share of Rs 162.535 million as O&M cost against payable amount of Rs. 385.798 million. However, the remaining due amount of Rs.223.263 million is to be payable by Govt. of Balochistan.

Annual Inspection

The annual Inspection of Hub Dam was carried-out by experts of DSO, Lahore in February, 2014 follow-up of the 4th periodic inspection, from 20th to 24th December, 2010, and the report was submitted by them with Principal Findings and Recommended works for the Safety of Dam & its components.

Security & Surveillance

Keeping in view the present Law & Order situation, the security and surveillance of the dam area is being carried out vigilantly round the clock through  out the year.

Financial Constraints

  • Beneficiaries are reluctant to pay the O&M outstanding liabilities in spite of continuous pursuance / meetings with high-ups of Government of Sindh and Government of Balochistan.
  • Federal Government has not financed any amount during last year 2013-14 due to which Project faces financial constraints.
  • Sufficient Funds are urgently needed to execute the works recommended by DSO & Panel of Experts and O&M activities.
  • The Chairman WAPDA has also requested to Chief Secretary Sindh & Baluchistan vide letter dated. June 02, 2014, but still no payment is received from beneficiaries.
  • The Chairman WAPDA has also requested Ministry of Water and Power, Govt. of Pakistan, Islamabad, to take-up the matter with Ministry of Finance, Govt. of Pakistan for seeking deductions of outstanding liabilities towards provincial Governments at source, so that WAPDA may initiate the essential works required for safety and sustainability of Dam.
  • Way Forward.
  • To safeguard the Project against any untoward situation the major works recommended by DSO & Panel of Experts has to be executed.
  • The arrangements of funds are needed for urgent deferred maintenance works duly recommended by the DSO & Panel of Experts for smooth operational activities of Water Supplies.

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