Main Features

Salient Features

General Purpose

: Storage of Hub River Flows for Regulated Releases of Municipal,Industrial and Irrigation uses.

Location: 45 Km North-East of Karachi City Area (Catchment 3,410 Square miles) Reservoir 29.06 Square miles (at EL. 339¢) Life of Dam 75 years Type of Dam Earthen Dam.

Main Dam: Max. Height of Dam 154¢Length of Dam 15,640¢Crest Road Level 352¢Maximum Base Width 965¢ - 8².

Saddle Dam

Max. Height of Dam 66¢
Crest Length 5,762¢
Max. Base Width 340¢


Type Un-gated uncontrolled Concrete Ogee
Crest Length 6,020¢
Crest Elevation 339.3¢
Max. Outflow Capacity 458,000 cfs


a) Maximum Anticipated 480,000 cfs
b) Maximum Recorded 521,000 cfs


Full Reservoir Level 339.0¢
Maximum Reservoir Level 346¢
Dead Storage Level 276.25¢
Gross Reservoir Capacity 6, 87,276 AF (R.L. 339.3¢)
Live Storage Capacity 6, 45,470 AF (R.L. 339.0¢ to 276.25¢)
Dead Storage Capacity 41,806 AF (below R.L. 276.25¢)
Total Annual Releases 216,406 AF


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