Kachhi Canal Project

Kachhi Canal Project


Offtakes from Taunsa Barrage,

Punjab: Muzaffargarh, D.G.Khan, Rajanpur Districts.

Balochistan: Dera Bugti, Nasirabad, Bolan, Jhal Magsi Districts.

Salient Features
  • Length of Main Canal
500 km (Phase-I 403 km), 391 km (Lined) in Punjab and Balochistan Provinces  kaachi proj
  • Canal Capacity
6,000 cusecs
  • Length of Branches, Distributaries and Minors

1,500 km

(Phase-I 105 km)

  • Cultivable Command Area
713,000 acres                       (Phase-I = 102,000 out of which 72,000 acres, District Dera Bugti Completed)
Scope of Work

Phase-I of Kachhi Canal

Agricultural production resulting in boost to economy, improvements in physical environment including atmosphere, climate, land and water, improvement in quality of life due to betterment in socio-cultural and socio-economic conditions. Crop benefits of               Rs. 5 Billion per year.

Consultants Kachhi Canal Consultants (JV of NESPAK, NDC, ACE, Barqaab & EGC)


M/s Ghulam Rasool& Company

M/s CGC - RSL (JV)

M/s Ramzan & Sons Limited

Commencement Date Oct 2002
Completion Date

September 2017 (Phase-I)

Remaining Works of Phase-I (30,000 acres) - 2 years after PC-I approval

Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Original PC-I Cost (27.09.2003) 31,204.000 - 31,204.000
Ist Rev: PC-I (Phase-I) 31.12.2013 57,562.000 - 57,562.000
2nd Rev: PC-I 07.03.2017 80,352.000 - 80,352.000
PSDP Allocation for 2019-2020 6,604.803 - 6,604.803
PC-I Cost (Remaining Works) under approval 22,921.000 - 22,921.000
PSDP Allocation for 2019-2020 1,500.000 - 1,500.000

Physical Progress:-                                

Phase-I           Substantially Completed                                                                                                 

  • Inauguration ceremony performed by Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan on 14.09.2017 for releasing water into distribution system in Balochistan.
  • PC-I for Remaining Works of Phase-I amounting to Rs. 25,729 Million submitted to Ministry of Water Resources on 03.11.2017 and forwarded to MoPD&R on 05.06.2018.
  • PC-I discussed in the CDWP meeting held on 19.02.2019 and deferred.
  • Post CDWP Committee formed for resolving issues of Command Area Development & financing by GoB.
  • CDWP in its meeting dated 30.10.2019 recommended the Project at the rationalized cost of Rs. 22,921 Million. Approval of ECNEC is required.
Incharge of the Project
Mr. Zakir Rehman
Chief Engineer/PD
Kachhi Canal Project
Contact No. 0092-64-2689040
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