Kachhi Canal Project
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Kachhi Canal Project


Offtakes from Taunsa Barrage,

Punjab: Muzaffargarh, D.G.Khan, Rajanpur Districts.

Balochistan: Dera Bugti, Nasirabad, Bolan, Jhal Magsi Districts.

Salient Features
  • Length of Main Canal
500 km (Phase-I 403 km), 391 km (Lined) in Punjab and Balochistan Provinces  kaachi proj
  • Canal Capacity
6,000 cusecs
  • Length of Branches, Distributaries, and Minors

1,500 km

(Phase-I 105 km)

  • Cultivable Command Area
713,000 acres (Phase-I = 102,000 out of which 72,000 acres, District Dera Bugti Completed)
Scope of Work

Phase-I of Kachhi Canal

Agricultural production resulting in a boost to the economy, improvements in the physical environment including the atmosphere, climate, land, and water, improvement in the quality of life due to betterment in socio-cultural and socio-economic conditions. Crop benefits of Rs. 5 Billion per year.

Consultants Kachhi Canal Consultants (JV of NESPAK, NDC, ACE, Barqaab & EGC)


M/s Ghulam Rasool& Company

M/s CGC - RSL (JV)

M/s Ramzan & Sons Limited

Commencement Date Oct 2002
Completion Date

September 2017 (Phase-I)

Remaining Works of Phase-I (30,000 acres) - 2 years after PC-I approval

Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Original PC-I Cost (27.09.2003) 31,204.000 - 31,204.000
Ist Rev: PC-I (Phase-I) 31.12.2013 57,562.000 - 57,562.000
2nd Rev: PC-I 07.03.2017 80,352.000 - 80,352.000
PSDP Allocation for 2019-2020 6,604.803 - 6,604.803
PC-I Cost (Remaining Works) under approval 22,921.000 - 22,921.000
PSDP Allocation for 2019-2020 1,500.000 - 1,500.000

Physical Progress:-                                

Phase-I           Substantially Completed                                                                                                 

  • Inauguration ceremony performed by Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan on 14.09.2017 for releasing water into the distribution system in Balochistan.
  • PC-I for Remaining Works of Kachhi Canal Project has been approved by ECNEC in its meeting held on March 16, 2020, at a cost of Rs. 22,921 Million.

Incharge of the Project

Syed Ali Akhtar Shah
Chief Engineer/PD
Kachhi Canal Project
Contact No. 0092-64-2689040
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