Rainee Canal Project

Rainee Canal Project

Location: Off takes from left side of Guddu Barrage and flows in Ghotki, Sukkur and Khairpur Districts of Sindh.
 Salient   Features

Length of Main Canal 175 km
(Phase-I 110 km)
Canal Capacity 5,155 cusecs
Length of Branches Distributaries and Minors 609 km
(Phase-I 128 km)
Structures 157 Nos.
(Phase-I 107 Nos.)
Command Area 412,400 acres (Phase-I 113,690 acres)

Scope of Work To provide seasonal/flood irrigation supplies upto 5,155 cusecs to 412,400 Acres of Rainee Track of Nara Region for agriculture and storage lakes. It would include construction of Main Canal 175 km, Distributaries & Minor 686 km and allied structures.
Executing Agency WAPDA
 Consultants BARQAAB / TECHNO International
 Contractors M/s Friends Eng. Co., Ramzan & Sons, DESCON, SMC & SKB-KNK JV
 Commencement   Date October 2002
 Completion Date

June 2014 (Phase I)

 Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs. Million) Total (Rs. Million)
 Original PC-I   Cost 18,862.00 - 18,862.00
PC-I Phase-I Cost 17,643.000 - 17,643.000
PSDP Allocation for 2018-2019 500.00 - 500.00

Physical Progress Completed

The Revised PC-I amounting to Rs. 43,986 Million (Phase-I Rs.20,473 Million & Phase-II Rs. 23,513 Million) is under process of approval.

To be executed in Phase-II
Contract RC – 08 Construction of Rainee Main Canal & its Distribution System (RD 363+752 to RD 426+085)
Contract RC – 09 Construction of Rainee Main Canal & its Distribution System (RD 426+085 to RD 505+000)
Contract RC – 10 Construction of Rainee Main Canal & its Distribution System (RD 505+000 to RD 566+163)

Note: Irrigation Department, Govt. of Sindh has principally agreed to take over the completed works of Phase-I from WAPDA.

Incharge of the Project:

SE/Project Director,
Rainee Canal Project, WAPDA,
Officer’s Bachelor Hostel T.P.S Colony Guddu

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