Rainee Canal Project

Location: Ghotki Sukkur and Khairpur Districts 
Scope of Work:  To provide seasonal/flood irrigation supplies upto 5,155 cusecs to 412,400 acres of Rainee Track of Nara Region for agriculture and storage lakes. It would include construction of Main Canal 175 km., Distributaries & Minors 686 km. and allied structures (Major 304 & Minor 1318 Nos.)
Project Benefits:
  •  Enhanced Irrigated Agriculture and forestry. 
  •  Promotion of live stock and Fish breeding.
  •  Provision of drinking water and charging of lakes. 
  •  Improvement of ground water aquifer. 
  •  Job opportunities during and after completion.
  •  Judicious use of flood waters and socio-economic uplift.


Salient Features

 Length of Main Canal : 175 km

 Branches/Distributaries : 609 km

 Command Area : 412,400 acres 

 Canal capacity : 5,155 cusecs  Ultimate 10,000 Cusecs

 Structures : Major 304 Nos. 

                    Minor  1318 Nos.

 Cropping Intensity : Initial 64%, after 5 years 80%

Length of Canal Lining

Main Canal    : 120 km

Distribution System  : 686 km 

Commencement Date October 3, 2002
Completion Date

Phase-I   June, 2014 (Actual)

Phase-II  June, 2018 (Proposed)

Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs.Million) Total (Rs. Million)
PC-I Cost Approved 18,862.000     - 18,862.000
PSDP Allocation for 2015-16 500.00     - 500.00


Phase-I of the Project has been completed in June, 2014.  Phase-II of the Project will be started after concurrence of Government of Sindh. The handing / taking over of the Phase-I with Irrigation Department Government of Sindh under process. 


Incharge of the Project:          Muhammad Ali Shaikh

                                                            SuperIntending Engineer / Project Director,