Gomal Zam Dam
Location :On Gomal river in South Waziristan Agency, West of Tank and D.I.Khan Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.                                                            Gomal Zam
Salient Features
Dam Type RCC Curved Gravity Dam
Height of Dam 437 Ft
Length of Dam 758 Ft
Length of Main Canal 60 Km
Length of Distributries 369 km
Gross Storage Capacity 1.140 MAF
Live Storage Capacity 0.892 MAF
Command Area 163,000 Acres
Command Area (Waran Canal) 28,000 Acres
Power Generation 17.4 MW (90.9 GWh)
Execution by Pakistan, Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA)
Supervision Consultants Management Consultants, a Joint Venture of NDC, Lahmeyer, BAK, EEI and ECIL
Contractor GZD-02 (Dam, Hydropower and Irrigation Component)
M/s Sindohydro
M/s AREAA (previously TEKSER) GZD-03 (Waran Canal System)

GZD-03 (Waran Canal System)

M/s Sarwar Constructor (Pvt) Ltd
M/s Shah Baba Construction
M/s Shaukat Khan & Co.

Donor Agency
  • Government of Pakistan , WAPDA
Commencement Date July 2002 (After halt of 2 ½ years due to kidnapping & killing of Chinese personnel in Oct 2004 resulting in termination of Contract in April 2006), Contract re-awarded to M/s FWO on 09.03.2007)
Completion Date In Operation since June 2013 (Waran Canal System & Minors - Dec 2018)
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Original PC-I Cost (03.09.2002) 7,865.000 4,964.00 12,829.00
1st Revised PC-I Cost (03.09.2009) 9,904.118.00 10,721.00 20626.00
PSDP Allocation Fy-2018-19 - 1.000 1.000


Status of Contract Packages of Waran Canal:-

Package-A, Package-B & Package-C 100% completed.
Package-D, 98% Work Completed, Package-E 98% Work Completed & Package-F 62% Work Completed.
Package-G: Contract No. GZD-03-G - Left Over Minors of Contract No.GZD-02. The Package-G is sub-divided into two parts.
- Package-G-I: Waran Canal Reach from Km 0+000 to 3+500 (Kot Nawaz Minor, Kasmani Minor and Minor D1 R1 Distributaries). Leftover Minors of perennial water rights area. 75% Work Completed.
- Package-G-II: Minor of Disty-5, Minor of Disty-6 and Minor of Disty-10. Left over Minors of flood water rights area. 70% Work Completed.

Physical Progress Completed

*2nd Revised PC-I amounting to Rs. 6,191.206 Million after including Shatung Nullah Diversion Project is under process of approval.
Power House # 1 (4.86MW) & 2 (8.74MW) are in commercial operation since Oct 2007 & Dec 2008 respectively. Powerhouse # 3 & 4 are in commercial operation since June 2013.
Upto date Hydel Generation = 389.713 MkWh.

Activity Agreement for US $ 45 Million (Dam Component) under Pakistan Enhanced Partnership Agreement (PEPA) signed on 07 Jan 2011 at Islamabad, through United States Agency for International Development (US AID) and provision of US$ 40 Million for Irrigation Component. Project Implementation Letter (PIL) was signed on 05 Oct, 2011. Provision of Additional Funding for Irrigation Component amounting to US$ 11.52 Million notified by EAD on 04.07.2015. US AID financing for Waran Canal amounting to US $ 20.16 Million signed on 29.09.2015. 




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