Nai Gaj Dam

Nai Gaj Dam


Location: On Gaj River in the gorge area at the edge of Kirthar range at about 65 km (40 miles) north-west of Dadu city in Sindh Province.
Salient Features
 Dam Type Earth Core Rock Fill Dam
 Height of Dam 194 ft
 Gross Storage Capacity 300,000 AF
 Live Storage Capacity 160,000 AF
 CCA 28,800 Acres
 Power Generation 4.2 MW (will be developed under PPP mode)
Execution by WAPDA
Supervision Consultants M/s Techno Consult International. (Pvt.) Ltd in association with Hydro Power Engineering
Donor Agency Govt. of Pakistan
Commencement Date May, 2012
Completion Date

June 2020 

Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) FEC (Rs.Million) Total (Rs. Million)
Original PC-I Cost 16,924.000  - 16,924.000
1st Revised PC-I Cost 26,236.03   26,236.03
PSDP Allocation FY 2018-19 2,000.00   2,000.000



  Over all Physical Progress is 51.45%.        

2nd Revised PC-I amounting to Rs. 46,555.29 Million is under process of approval.

WAPDA on the certification of the Project Consultants “The Engineer” served Notice for Termination to the Contractor under sub Clause 74.1 and 63.1 of the conditions of Contract on 29.08.2018 in the wake of Fake Performance Guarantee submitted by the Contractor. Subsequently, the Contract has been terminated on 14.09.2018. Evaluation of the works done of the Project is in progress by the Engineer (Consultants).

Incharge of the Project: 

     Engr. Muhammad Farhat Kamal

     Chief Engineer/Project Director
     Nai Gaj Dam Project

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