Nai Gaj Dam
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Nai Gaj Dam

On Gaj River in the gorge area at the edge of Kirthar range at about 65 km (40 miles) north-west of Dadu city in Sindh Province
Salient Features
  • Type of Dam
Earth Core Rock Fill Dam  nai gaj
  • Height of Dam
194 ft
  • Gross Storage
300,000 AF
  • Live Storage  
160,000 AF
  • CCA
28,800 Acres
  • Power Generation
4.2 MW
Execution by WAPDA
Supervision Consultants JV of M/s Techno International (Pvt.) Ltd & HPE
Contractor The contract for remaining works yet to be awarded
Commencement Date May 2012
Completion Date

2 years (after award of contract for Construction of Balance work of the project)

Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Approved PC-I Cost (03.09.2009) 16,924.000 - 16,924.000
1st  Revised PC-I Cost (16.08.2012) 26,236.030 - 26,236.030
PSDP Allocation 2019-2020 1,590.000 - 1,590.000
  • Physical Progress                     51%


  • The Contract was terminated on 14.09.2018.
  • 2nd Revised PC-I amounting to Rs 47,732.560 Million has been updated and submitted to MoWR on 24.12.2018 for approval of competent forum.
  • MoWR forwarded the 2nd revised PC-I to Ministry of Planning, Development & Reforms on 31.12.2018 for obtaining approval from CDWP/ECNEC.
  •  In CDWP meeting held on 10.01.2019, the project was recommended for consideration of the ECNEC at rationalized cost of Rs. 46,980.350 Million.
  • The PC-I was discussed in ECNEC on 25.01.2019 and deferred due to decision on cost sharing by Govt. of Sindh.
  • The procurement process for the left over/ remaining works of the Project is in progress. Technical proposals opened on 09.05.2019 and evaluation is in process; however, the contract shall be awarded to the lowest evaluated bidder subject to approval of 2nd Revised PC-I of the subject project.

Incharge of the Project

Chief Engineer/Project Director
Nai Gaj Dam Project
Contact No. 0092-25-9200418

2 years (after award of contract for Construction of Balance work of the project)

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