1. How an officer / official can apply for official accommodation?


  1. All WAPDA Employees are entitled for official residential accommodation. The available accommodation in Lahore has been divided in to 03 x pools. Bungalows are allotted to grade 20 officers (Regular) according to central waiting list. The allotment is made in line with the policy on the subject. Owing to limited numbers of residences, waiting lists for various categories are maintained
  2. Application Form for Allotment of Accommodation is available.In addition to family accommodation at Lahore, Wapda also provides the facility of single officer accommodation. Two Wapda Hostels are being maintained in the city. The total accommodation capacity in both hostels is 125 officers.

2. What is the procedure for allotment of official accommdation

The Rent Assessment Board under S&E Dte prepares Rent Assessment reports about the proposed hired houses of all the employees of Common Services and for Officers of other wings. The Rent Assessment report in respect of employees of BPS-1 to 16 of other wings is carried out by the respective Rent Assessment Boards.

Flow chart Diagram for the procedure of House Acquisition is as under:-


3. What is the policy regarding telephone facilities


The current WAPDA Telephone policy was formulated in 2010. This telephone policy is linked herewith. .

4. What are the functions of S&E Directorate


  1. S&E Directorate is responsible for a number of assignments. The assignments can be divided into 4 major categories:-
    • Services
    • Estates
    • Commercial
    • House Acquisition
  2. Besides above S&E Directorate is custodian of a number of WAPDA’s Policies on various subjects.
  3. WAPDA Policies administered by S&E Directorate are as under:-

i. House Acquisition Policy
ii. House Assessment Policy
iii. Fixation of Rental Ceiling as per Federal Government Ceilings
iv. WAPDA Accommodation Policy
v. Allotment of Official Accommodation out of Common Services quota
vi. Registration of Servants and Allotment of Garages
vii. Determination and Revision of Standard & Market Rent
viii. Management of Single Officers Hostels
ix. Space Allotment Policy in Wapda house, sunny view complex & 34-Nichelson Road building.
x. Management of Wapda Buildings.
xi. Coordination for construction of New Office Buildings.
xii. Reservation of Wapda Auditorium
xiii. Electricity Policy for Wapda employees paid by department.
xiv. Authority Officers Mess
xv. Management of Wapda Employees Canteens at Wapda house and sunny view complex
xvi. Reimbursement of Medical Claim for officers & staff of Authority offices & some directorate under MD(Admn).
xvii. Issuance of Condolence Letters
xviii. Policy of Liveries
xix. Acceptance of Surety Bonds for Long Term Advances to Wapda employees.
xx. Coordination for Settlement of Audit Paras
xxi. Management of Wapda rest house at Lahore, Islamabad, Murree, Nathiagali, Abbottabad and Naraan.

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