Vision & Mission


To provide state of the art learning environment for nation building activities with organizational success through enhanced performance skill


Core values are those vital few values that all members of the organization are expected to use, live by and demonstrate on a daily basis while executing their work responsibilities. “Core Values are the essential and enduring tenets of an organization”.

  • Thinking High
  • Intellectual Integrity
  • Mutual Care & Respect
  • Team Spirit
  • Belongingness
  • Transcendence


To intensify the leadership quality of both “individual” and “client” organizations through interactive learning models that immerse managers into a transformational experience which fosters professional, intellectual and personal development. This is achieved through presenting programs that challenge executives to grow as leaders, to shape powerful ideas into decisive action plans and to think and behave differently in a challenging business world.


  • To plan and conduct the training programmes, responsive to the national needs in various specializations of management techniques.
  • To provide opportunities in acquiring knowledge and skills in improved technologies, management as well as human resource and information technology.
  • To develop expertise in problem identification and developing alternate strategies to solve problems of project management.
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