The Academy Comprises 02 Building blocks.

  1. Power Wing Block
  2. Water Wing Block


The Power Wing Block consists of two rectangular blocks, the simulator hall being the middle leg. On the right and left side of the simulator hall, there are two beautiful grassy plots. The offices for the Principal, Directors T&D and Generation, Senior Engineers and Administrative staff are all situated in the ground floor of the right block, whereas all the laboratories are in the same floor of the left block. Class-room of SEs, XEN’s, JE’s and L.S and Committee Room are situated in the first floor.


The Water Wing Block consists of two rectangular blocks, a lawn in the middle. Civil Engineering Labs, Library, Accounts, Computer Lab and Reproduction Department are in this block.

 Seminar/Exam Hall

To accommodate more than 500 trainees for Final evaluation tests & departmental promotion Exams.


Comprises 18000 Books + Modules.

Examination/Conference Hall

Area = 44.66 x 166.60 = 7440.35 Sft

Used for examination and other ceremonies.

A Classroom View

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—Hostels                          = 07 Nos. (208 Rooms)
           With Attached Baths     = 80 Rooms
          Air-Conditioned         = 40 Rooms

— Rest House   

= 01 No.
         Suits                         = 02 Nos.
  Rooms                    = 08 Nos.
—  Shopping Plaza           = 01 No.
         Shops rented out          = 05 Nos.
         Rented to FESCO         = 08 Rooms.
—  Residences                  = 108 Nos.              



Rest House  phoca thumb m wea resthouse                                                          

Total Area        = 18500.00 Sft 

Covered Area = 7925.00 Sft


VIP Suits                    02 Nos.

Drawing Room           01 No.

Dining Room              1 No.


Bed Rooms                 08 Nos.



Residential Colony

The Academy has a big residential colony nearby for the accommodation of officers and staff with proper water supply, natural gas and electricity connections. Following types of accommodations is available in the colony.


Principal’s Lodge 1
B-Type Cat-II Bungalows old/new 4/6
C-Type Cat-III Bungalows old/new 2/18
D-Type Cat-IV Bungalows old/new 12/16
E-Type Cat-V quarters old/new 6/8
F-Type quarters 21
FF-type quarters 6
Total = 108 Nos.


The colony is facilitated with inter colony roads, adequate street lights and sewerage system comprising four disposal pumps.




A Jamia Mosque of category ‘B’ is situated near the hostels. Sermons of Friday prayer and Dars-e-Quran are regularly delivered by a qualified Khateeb-cum-Imam.  

Capacity            =    400 Persons


The Academy has an independent medical dispensary headed by a medical Officer, where free medical facilities are provided to the trainees and staff.


One branch of National bank is operating near the Academy premises.

Shopping Facilities

A shopping centre has been recently constructed near the hostels. There is also a main market in the Power house Colony nearby, which consists of one utility store and other grocery stores etc. Besides this, weekly town trips on community transport are arranged to provide shopping facilities.

Sports Facilities

Basket Ball Court 01 No.
Volley Ball Court 01 No.
Badminton Courts (Open) 02 Nos.
Table Tennis Tables 03 Nos.
Jogging Track 01 No.
Cricket Ground 01 No.Football Ground 01 No.
Hockey Ground 01 No.

Hostelsphoca thumb l wea hostel

There are 3 H-shaped double storey hostel blocks, each block consisting of two wings named as AB, CD and EF. Blocks A, B and E, F contain 40 rooms respectively and block C, D contains 72 rooms. Each room is well-ventilated having one bed with mattress, one study table, and one study chair. Total Rooms available are 208.






Dining & Recreation Hallsphoca thumb l wea dinning

The centre leg of each block contains one recreation hall and one dining hall with adequate messing facilities. Each recreation hall entails a television and selected indoor games with cosy sofa sets and easy chairs. The front elevation of each hostel block presents a picturesque view with beautiful grassy and flower lawns. Efforts are made to develop a healthy and recreational atmosphere in the hostels so that the trainees can relax and refresh themselves.





In Pictures









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