The Suklegi Dam Project is proposed to be located across Sukleji River. The Project is situated about 7 Km West of Shoran, Tehsil Sunny, District Bolan of Balochistan.

Dam Dam
Scope of work Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design & Tender Documents
Time Lines
  Planned Expected
PC-II October 2007 October 2007
PC-I - -
  Rs. in Million Remarks
PC-II 38.603 Approved by DDWP on 10.10.2005
PC-I - -

Performance Report As on 29.02.2008


Behind ....  days

On target Ahead ..... days
PC-II -   -
PC-I -   -
Present Status

PC-II proforma (Rs.38.603) Million for feasibility study. Detailed Engineering Design & Tender documents approved by DDWP on Oct. 10,2005. Proposals of consultancy services of M/S Barqaab approved by the Authority on May 11, 2006. M/S Barqaab initiated the studies w.e.f May 22,2006. Consultancy agreement between WAPDA and M/S. Barqaab signed on May 31, 2006. M/s. Barqaab initiated the study w.e.f June 01,2006. Feasibility report for site a received from the consultants. The Chairman WAPDA directed in the presentation made on 13.12.2007 for investigation at Dam site C and to raise dam height for additional storage. PC-II for studies at site C is under preparation.

Financial Status                                                                                                                                      (Rs. in Million)
Head of Account

Initial Budge (Proposed)

Current Budget

Actual Spend to date (Provisional)

R/Cost to Complete

Admn     2.714  
Overhead     -  
Interest Charges     -  
Consultants     2.063  
Assets     -  
Works     1.152  
Total   10.000 5.929  
Head of Account Expenditure upto 30.06.2007 (Provisional) Budget allocation 2007-2008 Expenditure in FY 07.08 upto 31.01.2008 Total expenditure upto 31.01.2008 (P)
Overhead & central payments        
Works/Land Cost        
IDC (Sukuk) Bonds