Water Wing
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Water Wing

Water Wing of WAPDA is responsible for planning, designing and execution of Water Resources Development Projects in the sector of irrigation, drainage and hydropower. Inter-provincial major surface water projects including large dams are also operated and maintained by Water Wing, WAPDA.
Indus Basin Projects (5 Barrages, 8 inter-river Link Canals (1965 – 70), Mangla (1967) and Tarbela Dams (1976) have been completed by WAPDA Water Wing, and are contributing towards national economy. Water Wing is also carrying out IBP consequential works of Mangla Watershed Management Project, Chashma Barrage and C.J. Link Canal. Eighteen (18) million acres of land have been reclaimed from waterlogging & salinity in four provinces. More than 15,000 tube wells were installed and 12,000 km of surface drains and 13,000 km of pipe drains have been constructed in the waterlogged areas. These projects have enhanced cropping intensity from 70 % to more than 110 % in about 16 million acres of land. All these projects had already been handed over to respective provinces over the last decade.
Chashma Hydropower Project, (184 MW), Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project (1450 MW) have been operating since 2001 and 2003. National Drainage Program in four provinces has been completed since June 2007.
Sabakzai Dam Project (0.015 MAF, 6875 acres), Mirani Dam (0.152 MAF, 33,200 acres), Mangla Dam Raising Project (additional 2.88 MAF storage & additional 644 Million Units), Satpara Dam (17.3 MW, 0.053 MAF, command area 15,536 acres), Gomal Zam Dam (17.4 MW, 0.892 MAF storage, command area 191,139 acres), Darawat Dam (0.089 MAF, 25,000 acres), Greater Thal Canal Phase-I (355,000 acres), Rainee Canal (113,690 acres) have been completed during 2007 – 2014.
Duber Khwar Hydropower Project (130 MW), Khan Khwar HPP (72 MW), Allai Khwar HPP (121 MW), Satpara Dam (17.3 MW) and Jinnah HPP (96 MW) have been put in commercial operation during 2008 - 2014.
The Water Sector Projects which are currently under construction include: Nai Gaj Dam (0.16 MAF, 28,800 acres), Kachhi Canal (Phase-I) in Balochistan (102,000 acres), Drainage Schemes in Sindh & Balochistan RBOD-I (517,310 acres) & RBOD-III (679,000 acre), Lining of Muzaffargarh & TP Link Canals (300,000 acres).
The infrastructure Construction Work of Diamer Basha Dam (4500 MW) which includes employee's colony, staff offices, school etc. have been awarded and main dam work is planned to be awarded soon subject of arrangement of funds by GoP.
The Hydropower Projects which are currently under construction include: Golen Gol Hydropower Project (106 MW) Neelum Jhelum (969 MW) Hydropower Projects, Tarbela 4th extension (1410 MW) & Keyal Khwar HPP (128 MW), whereas Contracting for Stage-I of Dasu HPP (2160 MW) is in progress.
WAPDA has lined up various projects for construction in the coming years, these projects include: Dasu Stage-II (2160 MW), Kurram Tangi Dam (83.4 MW, 0.9 MAF, 84,380 acres), Mohmand Dam (800 MW, 0.49 MAF, command area 16,737 acres), Bunji HPP (7100 MW), Tarbela 5th Extension HPP (1320 MW), Phandar HPP (80 MW), Lower Palas Valley HPP (665 MW), Lower Spat Gah HPP (496 MW), Thakot HPP (4000 MW), Basho HPP (40 MW), Harpo HPP (34.5MW), Patan HPP (2300 MW), Basho (40 MW), Shyok Dam (690 MW, 5.4 MAF), Chiniot Dam (69 MW, 1 MAF), Tungas HPP (2200 MW), Yulbo (2800 MW),Middle Palas Valley (398 MW), Upper Palas Valley (157 MW), Middle Spat Gah (501 MW), Upper Spat Gah (277 MW), Akhori Dam (600 MW, 6 MAF) D.G Khan Canal Lining (300,000 acres), CRBC Lift cum Gravity (284,140 acres).
In addition, WAPDA has initiated construction work on 12 Small and Medium Dams, which are located in four provinces of Pakistan. Balochistan: Winder Dam (0.3 MW and 0.036 MAF storage), Naulong Dam (4.4 MW and 0.20 MAF storage), Hingol Dam (1 MW and 1.41 MAF storage), Garuk Dam (0.3 MW and 0.05 MAF storage) and Pelar Dam (0.3 MW and 0.099 MAF storage). Sindh: Nai Gaj Dam (4.2 MW and 0.30 MAF storage) and Darawat Dam (0.45 MW and 0.12 MAF storage). KPK: Kurram Tangi (83.4 MW and 1.2 MAF storage), Tank Zam Dam (25.5 MW and 0.345 MAF storage) and Daraban Zam Dam (0.75 MW and 0.069 MAF storage). Punjab: Ghabir Dam (0.15 MW and 0.066 MAF storage) and Papin Dam (0.3 MW and 0.089 MAF storage).0.345 MAF storage)and Daraban Zam Dam (0.75 MW and 0.069 MAF storage). Punjab: Ghabir Dam (0.15 MW and 0.066 MAF storage) and Papin Dam (0.3 MW and 0.089 MAF storage).


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