Mangla DAM Raising Project
Location: Mangla District Mirpur Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
 Salient   Features

Height: 30 feet raising from 1,234 ft. to 1,264 ft. (40 ft. raise in water level)
Additional Storage Capacity 2.88 MAF
Additional Power 644 GWh per annum (12% of existing generation)

Scope of Work
  •   To regain the reservoir capacity lost due to sedimentation.
  •   To store more water for irrigation releases.
  •   To minimize the conservation of flood discharges and thereby enhancing Irrigation releases.
  •   To enhance the annual generation of electricity.
Executing Agency WAPDA
 Consultants MJV (a JV of NESPAK (lead firm) with ACE, BARQAAB, Binnie Black & VEATCH (UK), MWH (USA)
 Contractors CWE-CRFG / JV M/s Gammon, Sarwar JV, Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd, DESCON
 Commencement Date  June 2004
 Completion Date

December 2009 (Civil Works)
Expected June 2021 (Resettlement Works)

 Financial Status Local (Rs. Million) Foreign (Rs. Million) Total (Rs. Million)
 Original PC-I   Cost 5,2875.000 9,678.000 62,553.000
 Revised PC-I Cost (23.09.2014)  96,855.000 - 96,855.000
 PSDP Allocation for 2018-19 1,750.000 - 1,750.000
  • 2nd Revised PC-I amounting to Rs. 111,239 Million submitted to Ministry of Water Resources on 10.08.2017 and forwarded to the Ministry of Planning Development & Reforms on 10.05.2018, which is under process.

Physical Progress 99.49% (Resettlement Works 96.10%)

Incharge of the Project

Mr. Arshad Mehmood Baig
Chief Engineer (MDO)
Contact No. 0092-544-671055

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