Tarbela 5th Extension
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Tarbela 5th Extension

Tarbela Dam (on Indus River), District Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Salient Features
Tunnel 5 (Already Constructed):       


  • Purpose
  • Type
Concrete/steel lined
  • Length
3,675 ft.
Proposed T5 Powerhouse:
  • Generation Capacity

1,410 MW

(Three units 470 MW each)

  • Annual Energy
1,810 GWh 

Execution by


Project Benefits

  • Generation of Hydropower
    • Employment Generation during construction & O&M of the project
  • Development of Fisheries
  • Load shedding will be substantially reduced


JV of Mott MacDonalds Ltd. UK, Coyne-et-Billier, France with MM Pakistan & ACE Pakistan as Sub-consultants

Commencement Date

August 2021

Completion Date

May 2026

Financial Status (Rs. Million)

Local Foreign Total

Approved PC-I Cost 20.12.2016

46,373.610 35,988.000 82,361.610

PSDP Allocation 2021-2022

3,511.000 4,648.000 8,159.000


Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision

  • The consultancy contract was signed with M/s Mott MacDonald, UK, on 13.04.2019.
  • The consultants are mobilised at site w.e.f. 15.04.2019.

Civil Works

  • Contract Agreement signed with M/s PCCCL on 06.05.2021.

E&M Works

  • Contract Agreement signed with JV of M/s Harbin Electric Intl and M/s Harbin Electric Machinery on  25.06.2021.

Transmission Line

  • The contract is undertaken by National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDCL).
  • PQ documents were issued on 02.04.2020 with submission date as 02.06.2020.
  • Bids received and opened on 27.07.2021 and are under evaluation.


Environmental Initiatives


Incharge of the Project
Engr. Muhammad Azam Joya
Chief Engineer /PD (Tarbela 5th Ext. HPP)
Contact No. 0092-995-350004

May 2026

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