Naulong Dam Project
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Naulong Dam Project

On Mula River at Sunt about 30 km from Gandawa City in District Jhal Magsi of Balochistan Province.
Salient Features
  • Type of Dam
Zone Earth fill  naulong
  • Height of Dam
186 ft.
  • Length of Dam
2,996 ft.
  • Gross Storage
242,163 AF
  • Live Storage  
199,956 AF
  • CCA
47,000 Acres
  • Power Generation
4.4 MW
Execution by WAPDA
Supervision Consultants Consortium of M/s PES – ACE – BARQAAB – DMC
Contractor -
Commencement Date Not yet Commenced
Completion Date 36 months after commencement
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
Approved PC-I Cost (03.09.2009) 11,699.000 1,326 11,699.000
1st Revised PC-I Cost (26.03.2020) 21,538.000 6,927.000 28,465.000
PSDP Allocation 2019-20 950.000 50.000 1000.000
  • Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design completed in 2009.
  • 2nd Revised PC-I amounting to Rs. 28,465 Million submitted to Ministry of Water Resources on 14.12.2018 and forwarded to Ministry of Planning Development & Reforms on 26.02.2019.
  • MOWR has lifted the embargo on expenditure of the Project on 24.03.2020 for completion of ADB studies and preparation of Modified PC-I of the Project. Accordingly, part payment has been made to consultants on 20.05.2020 against their outstanding liabilities for completion of ADB’s studies.
  • The updated 2nd Revised PC-I approved by ECNEC on 26.03.2020 at  a cost of Rs.28,465 Million with FEC of Rs.6,927 Million with the directions that (i) Command Area Development Works will be included in the current PC-I cost and will be executed by WAPDA (ii) Modified PC-I of the Project will be prepared on fast track  basis and (iii) Economic Affairs Division  may initiate negotiation with ADB for funding of the Project, which however will be finalized after approval of the modified PC-I.
  • MoWR cleared the PC-I amounting to 35,484 million on 26.01.2021 and forwarded the same to MoPD&SI on 29.01.2021 for arranging its approval by the CDWP/ECNEC.
  • PC-I was discussed in Pre-CDWP meeting held on 19.05.2021, wherein it has been decided that WAPDA will  submit modified PC-I with inclusion of cost of Watershed Management and HEIS (Pilot Project) components to Planning Commission, GoP Islamabad. 
Incharge of the Project
Engr. Aijaz Hussain Memon
Project Director
Naulong Dam Project
Contact No. 0092-74-4753330
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