Mohmand Dam Project

Mohmand Dam Project

On Swat River about 5 km upstream of Munda Head Works in Mohmand Tribal District, KP.

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  • Flood Mitigation
  • Irrigated agriculture development of 16,737 acres, further enhancement of command area will be assessed as per request of Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • Hydropower Generation
  • Socio-economic uplift of people of the area.
Salient Features
  • Type of Dam
Concrete Faced Rockfill mohmand
  • Height of Dam
213 m (700 ft.)
  • Gross Storage
1.239 MAF
  • Live Storage
0.676 MAF
  • Power Generation
800 MW
  • Annual Energy
2,862 GWh
  • Cultivable Command Area

16,737 Acres

(Left side 9,017 Acres, Right side 7,720 acres)

Execution by WAPDA
Consultants M/s Mohmand Dam Consultants Group (MDCG)
Contractor M/s CGGC-DESCON JV
Commencement Date September 20, 2019
Completion Date December, 2025
Financial Status (Rs. Million) Local Foreign Total
PC-I Cost (26.04.2018) 238,009.151 71,548.864 309,558.015
PSDP Allocation 2021-2022 5,507.012 - 5,507.012


  • Contract Agreement signed with M/s CGGC-DESCON JV on 26.03.2019.
  • Ground Breaking Ceremony performed by honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan on 02.05.2019
Description Progress (%)
Permanent Access Roads 52.69%
Project Colony: 30.46% 
Re-Regulation Pond

Excavation Completed 

Diversion & Access Tunnel 20.78%
Spillway 7.59% 
Power Intake and Main Dam 0.05% 
Irrigation Tunnels
  • Work on temporary access road to Inlet Portal of Left Bank Irrigation Tunnel is in progress.
  • Contractor has started excavation and slope stabilisation of Inlet Portal of Left Bank Irrigation Tunnel
Drilling Works Drilling work is in progress.

Land Acquisition

  • 994 acres priority land has been transferred in the name of WAPDA through various awards by DC Mohmand and DC Charsadda.

o        Physical Progress                    9.61%

Incharge of the Project
Engr. Muhammad Javed Afridi
General Manager / Project Director (MDHP)
Contact No. 0092-42-99202868

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A Dream Come True! The Ground Breaking ceremony of Mohmand Dam Project.