WAPDA Engineering Academy’s mission is, to educate and train Engineers who will be at the forefront to narrow the trust gap existing between WAPDA and the common man to achieve a more just and sustainable relationship.
For the past 45 years, fresh power engineers entering the service and working professionals from all over the country have looked to WEA for necessary training to pursue challenging careers in various engineering fields. WEA trained engineers are prepared to be the leaders “on the ground” recognizing needs and helping develop appropriate solutions whether in the control room or in the field.

The Academy being unique of its kind in the country is playing vital role in boosting up the technical know- how of Engineers and supervisory staff.


Training Facilities to Private/Public Sector

The Academy has taken a bold step to achieve self-sufficiency by conducting training courses for private sector. The Authority decided to extend the training facilities in Generation, Transmission and Distribution fields, for non-Wapda Organizations. The Academy being equipped with the latest training gadgets and devices has been shaped into the finest training place where all sorts of training requirements for non-Wapda Agencies within the country and abroad can be easily met with.

Engineers/Line Superintendents from IPPs, KESC, Atomic Energy Commission, Textile Industries and Azad Kashmir Electricity Department are attending the training courses conducted in the Academy.
A remarkable achievement was to conduct a training program for African countries. Engineers from Sudan, Mauritania, Tanzania, Botswana and Saudi Arabia etc. got training in their respective fields.

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