IT (Information Technology) CENTRE

IT (Information Technology) CENTRE

Computers have ushered a break-through in precision, speed and efficiency in every walk of life. The IT setup is intended to make full use of this great machine which is now being extensively used in all commercial, industrial and institutional organizations.

The Two Academic blocks of the Academy are networked locally with the LAN (Local Area Network). Further hostels are the target to be added in this network. Apart from the IT Laboratory, systems are given to stenos and officers in the individual sections The IT Laboratory is highly equipped with the following hardware/software installed

Hardware Specifications:

  • Workstations-PCs.      i5


  • HP LaserJet, HP Desk Jet
  • UPS, Scanners etc.    


Software Environment

  • Win 10 Professional for Workstations
  • LAN (Star Topology with Switches, Aps, Wireless LAN Cards & UTP)

Internet Connectivity

  • 12 MB CIR FTTH Connection for Academic Blocks and Hostels

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On revenue and billing side, WAPDA has switched over to computer since long. But as this machine is swallowing every nook and corner of engineering with the fundamental knowledge of computers, some exclusive IT Courses for SEs./Directors/ Sr. & Jr. Engineers started in 1996. These Courses included

  1. Computer For Managers for S.Es/Directors /R.Es.
  2. Internet/Email Usage for S.Es/Directors/R.Es.
  3. Microsoft Office for Senior/Junior Engineers
  4. Internet/Email Usage for Senior/Junior Engineers.
  5. DBMS (Data Base Management System) For Senior/Junior Engineers.
  6. Presentation Skills and Financial Analysis using Microsoft Tools
  7. Pre-Promotion mandatory Computer Course for Stenos Grade-II.

The above courses had been very successfully conducted for almost 08 years till 2004. Total 300 Officers and 150 Stenographers were trained during this period. But in 2004 these courses were abandoned by Authority. Considering the significance of Information Technology, the participants of every course are scheduled to attend IT section for 4/5 days. Moreover, the IT Lab. remains open daily to facilitate the trainees to complete their practical assignments/ syndicate reports and web browsing/downloading etc.

Recently a dedicated 12 MB Fibre Optic based connection has been installed in Academic blocks and hostels which provides fast and reliable internet connectivity round the clock.

The main features of their session in the IT lab. are the following.

  1. Computer Hardware including CPU, peripherals, memory and input/output devices.
  2. Computer Software and number system.
  3. Computer Operating System including MS-DOS, MS-Windows.
  4. Memory management techniques.
  5. Hands on Microsoft Office (MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Outlook etc.)
  6. Data Management and Data-base System.
  7. Internet and E-mail Usage

It is proposed that at some later stage the course will cover Computer aided studies of Electrical Power System including representation of transformers, transmission lines synchronous generators, transient behaviour of synchronous machines, equal area criterion of stability, power system and load flow analysis, load prediction and demand forecasting etc.

Software Package like AUTOCAD are also to be started gradually. The main purpose is to familiarize WAPDA Engineers with the modern computers and their applications. 

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