Training Facilities At The Academy

Training Facilities At The Academy

wea classroomsClass Rooms:

Well-furnished Air Conditioned Class rooms duly equipped with Multimedia, Desktop/Laptop Computers, Overhead Projectors, sound system and other audio-visual aids are available for trainees. Following Class Rooms are available in two blocks

Power Wing:                           08 Nos.

Water Wing:                            04 Nos.


Audio-Visual Aids

The modern technique for properly communicating the knowledge is the use of audio-visual aids like films, slides and transparencies which provide unique materials meeting the specific needs of the audience. It is appropriate for quick apprehension of new concepts, ideas and facts that will enlarge the general know-how of the participants. The audience is full time actively engaged and never loses interest at any point. Explaining a process through a video film can have far more value than merely reading a book or listening to a lecture. Moreover, it is a time saver too. In the same amount of time, the complete history and background information can be communicated whereas a lecture will cover only a part of it.

wea libraryLibrary

According to a famous quotation, Libraries are the collective memory of mankind. These are the best places to visit to obtain variety of information and reading material. Engineering Academy has a library to imbue the habit of reading in the trainees augmenting their professional calibre. There are books on almost every technical and non-technical topic and the training period provides the golden chance of reading and enriching one’s talent.

Almost every WAPDA publication has been arranged for papers. WAPDA Journals and Technical periodicals/magazines are also available. Total number of Library books is approximately 18000.

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